Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stitch Fix Review - Box 1

I am a box junkie. This trend has me wanting me to receive 10 subscription boxes a month (Birchbox, Blumm, Barkbox, NatureSnacks, Stitch Fix), but alas that's not good for me or the budget. Especially the budget. I suppose I could justify it being good for me ... (the delight in getting a surprise in the mail every month, a gift that keeps on giving every month, etc, etc. If there's a way to justify something, I'm your gal for it!)

After reading about Stitch Fix on scores of blogs, I knew that I wanted in on the action. Because all the cool kids are doing it.

When you sign up, you'll fill out a questionnaire about your style, body shape, interests, needs, etc. They ask height, weight, and a lot of questions about your style personality. Really they're just asking you the same three questions in about five ways to make sure they're understanding you. For instance, the first time they asked me if I was bohemian, I thought, heck no, I'm not Nicole Richie. Then a couple of questions later they asked me again and showed me a picture of what bohemian was, and I realized, Yep, I'm def classic and preppy. Send me some argyle sweaters folks! Each box contains 5 items your personal stylist chose especially for YOU. How much fun is that!? They give you the opportunity to jot down a few things you're looking for in your box as well as linking up to a pintrest board your stylist can use for inspiration. 

And if you like the whole box, you get 25% off all the items. Otherwise you pick a price point for your stylist to work within. Me, I'm on the cheap end. Mostly because all of my jewelry I can get at F21 for $4 :) You pay an initial $20 stylist fee and then if you choose to keep an item, your $20 goes toward paying for the item. Super! Anything you don't like goes back into a pre-paid postage bag that you stuff in your mailbox. Couldn't be easier.

In my box I received, I got a sweater dress, an infinity scarf and three shirts. 

Every piece comes with a styling card with ideas on how to wear what they've sent you.
Let's talk about the sweater dress first.
I can understand why my stylist would think I would like it. 1. Stripes 2. Polka dots. But OMG was this bad. For being 5' 3," this dress was super short. Like get sent to HR short. Like not work appropriate short. And if I can't wear it to work, it's not worth having. Back in the box for return. (Price: $68. Yikes.)

I called this my flying squirrel sweater. It was a lightweight knit, which I liked. What I did not enjoy were my bat wings, the color fuchsia and the longer length in the back. That being said, I did almost keep it. Almost. Back in the box. (Price: $48. Another yikes.)
It was cute but I couldn't see it being one of my favorites. (again, problems with my pictures being fine and then uploading sideways - what gives?)

Oh this shirt... it was by far the most expensive shirt in my box at $88. 88 dollars batman!! Yikes. A couple of things to note: I had a lot of things pinned that featured chambray shirts. But it was mostly because I wanted ways to style the shirt I ALREADY owned. I noted this in my instructions and yet I still got a chambray shirt. I really did like this but it was super expensive and I already own a polka dot chambray shirt. Back in the box.
88 dollars?! Really!? But I did appreciate the style ideas.

I did like this shirt. But it was tight in the chest and kind of looked maternity. I liked the button tab detail. Back in the box. I'm sure my stylist hates me now. (Price: $38. Gulp-able. Still kinda pricey. Especially for the girl who thinks shopping at Jcrew on the 40% clearance rack is pricey.)

It was a nice shirt. Just not my nice shirt.
And finishing up with a selfie and my infinity scarf - the only winner! I don't have much in this color and the bird print was cute. It was $28, so really like only $8 after my style fee. I'll keep it! Lance said the scarf is totally me. I think that's a compliment.

If you are interested in trying out Stitch Fix for yourself, please consider using my referral code because I'll get credit in my account. And credits are a good thing in our cash budget!
Overall, I think Stitch Fix is really fun. I think that the items your stylist chooses only get better as you refine what you like and dislike and they get a better feel for who you are. I'll definitely be putting this on my Christmas list this year.


Rose said...

I think Stitch Fix is a neat idea but i had a friend who did it and also got clothes she wouldn't normally wear or buy...which is good but also bad, I guess. Interesting post! I love that scarf!

Sarah said...

Bummer! First fix wasn't such a great success. Same here. Second one was fab though. I love the scarf!! The print is adorable!

*carrie* said...

Fun! Wish that dress was longer--it's cute. And $88 for that shirt is CRAZY! Glad you found something you liked. If you signed up via my link, thank you!

See you soon!

Unknown said...

I've never heard of this but it seems super fun! You're good at finding this type of thing! Love the scarf. Looks wonderful on you pretty lady!