Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Michigan Trip

Although I am far from being ready to do a post on our Fourth of July trip to MI, here are a couple of collages I've put together.

Mandy is my best friend from college and we are fortunate that Lucan and her daughter, Bridget, are close in age - about 6 months difference. They've met a total of three times, which is pretty impressive as the kiddos are only two and we live 475 miles apart. But each time we get to see each other, it's more and more fun to see our kids interact.

This was Lucan's first go-round with a popsicle. You can tell that Bridget was more experienced with them as she sat, very daintily eating hers. Lucan, well, half of his fell on the ground after not biting it and only licking. Silly Lucan. 

Mandy and I both had Independence Day outfits for the kids. I had visions of having this adorable keepsake picture of both of the kids holding hands in their cute outfits. Instead I got the above.

Lucan was apparently hungry and crabby. They kind of go hand in hand when you are a part of our family. Lu did not want to be told where to stand and rolled in the grass kicking and crying. I sat him next to Bridget - MISTAKE. He was still upset and whapped her upside the head. Which lead to the forth picture - Bridget crying. And that's my story about July 4.

More pictures to come!

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