Thursday, July 11, 2013

Documenting Life: Lucan's 2-year-old Photos

Lance likes to moan and groan about having his picture taken. Mostly because he has a bad habit of blinking and a tendency to slouch. Both things bring out my inner desire to shout “DON’T BLINK! QUIT SLOUCHING! SMILE!” All of which results in Lance looking very unnatural and slightly afraid of getting yelled at by me. Family pictures are fun. (Side note: the best/worst family photos are ALWAYS church directory photos. Why is it they are always so awkward?)

But pictures are important. They are proof of our lives and happiness, an illustration of where we were in that moment in time. I think that pictures become even more important with littles because they grow and change so quickly. Lance commonly likes to ask me how often we’re going to keep having Lucan’s picture taken and my answer is often. Don’t get me wrong, we’re only having pictures taken at the typical milestones: birth, 6 months (or 10 months because I didn’t stay on top of things) and on yearly birthdays – so nothing out of the ordinary.
We’re lucky to have several friends in our lives who are talented photographers. Our friend, Sarah, has been doing photography on and off for about five years. She’s done Christmas card photos, head shoots for both of us for promotional work, maternity photos, Lu’s newborn photos and now Lucan’s two-year-old pictures. We shot these at the end of May in a park by her house and in her small home studio. She’s great to work with and is great working with kids because she has four kiddos of her own! I worried about how Lucan would do during out photo session because he can be a willful little boy with distinct ideas about what he wants. Sarah rolled along with Lucan and did a great job communicating with me ahead of time about my desires for the session. When I told her that I thought it might be fun to use a tricycle or a bundle of balloons, Sarah did a great job identifying how to work those into the session. Overall, the session went as I figured it would – some tears and smiles, a minor meltdown and lots of hugs. In between all of that, Sarah managed to capture the essence of our family of three. I highly recommend going with a “professional” photographer for those important milestone photos. They just don’t compare to all of the candid photos or the canned portrait studio pictures.
 Visit her website to see more of her work!


Rose said...

Beautiful! You look great and Luca and Lance are so handsome! I love these- they are treasures for sure. I think quality family photos are one of the most important things, worth a splurge for sure.

p.s., we had our church directory photos taken and they were really good!!

*carrie* said...

Wonderful pix, Kara! He has a great smile.