Monday, March 26, 2012

Continued: Things I've Learned about Motherhood

1. Unsolicited advice doesn't end. Or get less annoying.
2. I get all sorts of weird reactions about Lucan's appearance. "Wow. He doesn't look very Asian." I'm just not sure how to react to these things.
3. Breastfeeding. Some people think it's weird that I'm still doing it. Other people think it's just plain weird.
4. People who like to "encourage" by saying "Oh, it only goes down hill from here..." Thanks for the uber-helpful comments people!
5. We are willing to make a payment to daycare every month that is comparable to our mortgage payment. Who would have thought.
6. I totally think that Lucan's bowel movements are an acceptable topic of conversation. Because of past poop issues and constipation, I feel compelled to encourage and cheer Lucan on when he's trying to poop and then share this with the general public :)
7. There are right reasons and wrong reasons for wanting to be a stay-at-home mom. The right reasons include wanting to be your child's primary caregiver and because you can't imagine missing their day to day life. The WRONG reasons include wanting to get more household tasks done during the day or because society dictates that "good" moms are stay-at-home moms. This topic really irritates me, so if you want an earful, just ask how I really feel about it.
8. As organized as I try to be, sometimes I am just going to drop the ball. For example, a couple of months back Lance signed us up for treats for Sunday School without my knowledge. He did mention it to me in passing, but I forgot. As a result, 20 minutes before church started, we made a panicked run to Wal-Mart for wax doughnuts.
9. Comparisions will drive you crazy. Really, they will. I live a life where over a dozen of my friends have had babies in the past year. If I start comparing Lucan's development or their lives to my own, I start getting a little bit whiny. Or a case of the Jones. As in "keeping up with the Joneses."
10. It's okay to say no. I work fulltime. I have a husband taking night classes two nights a week. I have a baby who wants to be loved. I admit though, I am still working on saying no. I felt totally guilty for not volunteering to head up a couple of different committees at church.
11. Unless you want to hear about Lucan, my life is less "interesting." Meaning, we don't go out to fun, trendy restaurants. We aren't going to concerts, movies, or sporting events. I'm spending less time in the kitchen, but researching more ways to maximize my crockpot. I don't have the time to do massive projects. Do you want to hear about Lucan's poops instead?

12. People still ask really stupid questions. Like "do you just automatically know what to do once you take your baby home?"
13. I admit that our baby is really great. But I think that all moms, for the most part, think that.
14. I view the common cold like malaria. If you have a cold, you deserve to be locked in an isolation chamber. Stay away from me and my child!
15. My child is different than yours, my parenting techniques are different than yours. Lucan is on a schedule, we do not co-sleep, Lucan has never taken a pacifier, no do not believe in rocking him to sleep. And that's okay. Yes, I may think that you could do a few things differently, but that does not give me license to tell you that. Unless you ask for advice. Then all bets are off.
16. Each stage of Lucan's life, I think is more fun than the last stage. I wonder when that wears off. But right now, I'm really enjoying it!

To my friends who are new moms or will be a new mom: motherhood is a life changer. It will stretch you in ways you didn't think possible (and I'm not talking about stretch marks either!) and force your life to revolve around an 8 lb bundle.

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