Monday, November 14, 2011

5 Months

There are several reasons people blog. Some people are talented and are gracious enough to share their talents. These talents can be things like photography, sewing, remodeling, cooking/baking, saving money, building things, etc., etc. Some people blog because they are oversharers. I obviously fall into the latter category. The tendency to word vomit and the world's cutest baby combined with the opportunity to blog, well ... you can only imagine the endless opportunities to overshare!

So I apologized in advance, but to be fair, you were warned.

Lucan- 5 month update (2 weeks behind)

  • Lucan is a solid 18 lbs. Solid being the operative word.

  • I shouldn't have bought so many size 2 diapers. Really.

  • We started you on cereal and he actually seems to like it! People keep asking when Lucan will get other foods, but your momma isn't ready to start dealing with that reality. So for the time being, rice cereal it is. The first time that Lance fed L, L proceeded to drool the cereal out of his mouth and then slurp it off his bib. Not the most efficient way to eat ...

  • I'm still breastfeeding L. I'm really proud and happy that we've made it this far. There were so many times in the beginning where I thought this feat would be impossible. But as we are nearing 6 months, the impossible suddenly seems possible. If you would have asked me this when Lucan was one month old I wouldn't have believed you.

  • With the introduction of solid food Lucan's poop is becoming, well, more solid. He has to exert a lot more effort and I can see it in his face. Pooping is a lot of work!

  • I really hate Gerber onesies. They are so tiny and such a waste of money. There's no way you can fit into any of them.

  • He has the fastest kicking legs north of the border. When Lucan is really happy, he kicks his legs furiously.

  • This past month L started laughing. He smiles a lot, especially when someone is playing with him and L has learned how to reflexively smile back at his momma. But when someone is flying him through the air (ie: daddy or Josh V), L's will start laughing. And it's such a fun, bubbly sound. I can't wait for him to start discovering more of the world and laughing more.

  • We have several songs that we sing to L that we've altered the lyrics to. I imagine that we are quite annoying to the average person :) Lu-can, Lucan Richard. King of Harvey Street (sung to the tune of Davey Crockett) Lu, Lu, skip to my Lu. Lu, Lu, skip to my Lu. Skip to my Lu my darling. As well as the classic "Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake you booty, not your baby." One time I got the lyrics wrong (Shake shake shake. Shake shake shake. Shake your baby, not your booty) and Lucan got upset. I had to apologize.

  • L and daddy have several fun games they like to play. The newest one is called Startle. Lucan lays on the changing table and Lance drops down where Lucan can't see him. Lance then pops his head up and startles Lucan. Lucan acts surprised and smiles, smiles, smiles. Apparently it provides hours of entertainment.

  • Rolling over. What a hot topic. Lucan won't roll over from his back to his front. He'll roll onto his side and hang out there for awhile, especially so he can see the TV better. But that darned shoulder keeps getting in the way! On the flip side (pun intended), Lucan is rolling over from front to back. Which I guess is the harder of the two to do. Lucan doesn't really enjoy tummy time, so it's not entirely surprising that he figured out how to get out of it. He is consistently rolling over, since last Friday 11/11/11. He did it twice for me and also did it for Lance and for my parents who were visiting.

  • Lucan had his first Halloween costume. He was the most adorable pumpkin.

  • We're no longer swaddling Lucan, but he does get a sleep sack blanket as our house is cold. L likes to sleep with his hands up by his head. Lance sleeps the same way, which leads to me getting elbowed in the face.

  • No sign of teeth. That's fine by me.

  • L has more control of his limbs and will pass things from hand to hand. He also likes to grab his feet and roll around a bit. Very happy-baby-pose from yoga.

Without further adieu, his monthly pictures.

"Mom thinks I may need a haircut soon. Especially around my ears."

"But I'm so cute and smiley. I don't need a haircut!"

"Oh no you did not just take my picture?!?! I wasn't ready!"

"Sometimes in the morning I like to catch up on my daily farm news."

"It keeps me up to date on my tractors and livestock."

"Don't take my Gerry!" (Gerry is Lucan's giraffe lovey)


Nicole @ one half world said...

So cute! I love the pictures and the detailed update.

*carrie* said...


I'm very proud of you for sticking with nursing. One day at a time!

And if you have leftover diapers, you know where to bring them. =)