Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This time last year

This time last year I was unemployed and anxious. But I was tan - because we were just getting back from Hawaii!! While being laid-off and jobless in terrifying, Hawaii helps :) Here's a few photos:

Lance and I at the Grand Canyon of the Pacific - Waimea Canyon. Treacherous driving, hair pin turns and potholes the size of ... well Waimea Canyon!

Lance and I kayaked and then hiked up to this waterfall. The water was absolutely freezing and on our way back to our kayak I fell in the mud. I'm always super graceful :)

This is the view from Kileau Lighthouse on the northside of Kauai

This is the first night we were in Hawaii - it's actually a sunset in Honolulu.

Here's a family picture at the Fern Grotto. Because of the hurricanes, the magnitude of the ferns are less dense than normal.

While it's nice to be gainfully employeed, Hawaii is good. Perhaps I'll get to go there again before I'm 40 (I honestly doubt it, unless Lance and I start making loads more cash). My parents have already started talking about their next trip there. Lucky people who get to retire :)

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*carrie* said...

Ah, Hawaii. =)

Enjoy your special Mother's Day plans, Kara!