Friday, May 7, 2010

Momma's Day

Last year, and years past, I have tried (unsuccessfully) to convince Lance to buy a mother's day gift for me. But due to the fact that we are childless, Lance does not deem it appropriate for me to be gifted :( Boo Lance. This mother's day I have sneakily found a way for me to be appropriately gifted. My parents are coming into town on Friday night and will be staying the night with us and then traveling home Saturday evening. I have lots of fun things planned for my momma and I.
  • First on Saturday we'll be going to the Downtown Farmer's Market. My favorite things to eat are almond cupcakes, eggrolls and vegetarian samosas (it's weird, I know. Leave me alone). Other people might enjoy "regular" items like breakfast pizza and breakfast burritos, but what fun is there in eating breakfast at breakfast time?
  • Second if we're not full, I'm planning for lunch at Palmer's Deli on Ingersoll Ave. Hands down, they have the best chicken salad in DM and they also have fantastic chili.
  • Third, and the highlight of my mother's day plans, facials and manicures at the Aveda Institute. I can already feel the relaxation coming over me
  • Fourth, a visit to DSW. My mom loves DSW. Who am I to argue with her?
  • Then we'll travel home for some gardening advice. For example, "Mom, half of this bush is dead. Should we pull it out?" Or something like "Mom, this rose bush is dead and we dug it out 2 summers ago and it's still here. How do I kill it?" And lastly "Mom, how do I keep the raccoons from pooping by the downstairs window? It's weirding me out."
  • After gardening advice has commenced, we'll eat out for dinner. I'm not sure where yet. I suppose the nice thing would be for me to let my momma pick. Eh, it's not like she's gotten a say in any of the rest of the agenda :)

And knowing my mom and myself, a Starbucks stop will be intermixed at some point. Now tell me, doesn't that sound like a fantastic Momma's Day?

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Rose said...

Sounds like a great day!