Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paint Discord

Lance and I had a moment the other day. We were calmly discussing our home and renovations when I discovered that I majorly misunderstand Lance's stance on paint and our house.

K: So I've been thinking about the fact that I'd like to paint again.
L: Oh. What did you want to paint?
K: The basement, living room, bathroom and our bedroom.
L: WHAT!?!
K: Well, you said that I got "one redo" and I'd like to use my redo.
L: I meant that you can redo the paint in ONE ROOM. Not the entire house.
K: Silly, I don't want to repaint the "entire house." I'm planning on leaving the two smaller bedrooms and the blue wall in the living room. I want the house to feel more cohesive! You said that I got to redo!
L: You've got to be kidding me. I would never consent to repainting the entire house
K: Again, you are over exaggerating. I'm planning on leaving ...
L (cutting me off): No. No. No.

At this point the conversation ended. I thought Lance was going to explode. We'll see if my future holds any paint. Chubby hubs has a little bit of a problem adapting to change :) Kara, on the other hand, lives for change! She's a change-a-holic!

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