Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fie Fie

This is our kitty Fire. He was rescued as a tiny white kitten from the Boone County Humane Society. He is part-Siamese, part-American shorthair. Which means, he has color-points, is partially cross eyed, and very vocal. You can carry on a conversation with Fire. So he's perfect for a chatty gal like me. :)

Fire's Favorite Things
1. Clean sheet day and chasing wrinkles while "helping" make the bed
2. Tuna fish
3. Kitty treats
4. Sunshine patches
5. Fuzzy fuzzy fleece blanket
6. Eating cardboard (don't even ask, it's uber annoying)
7. Being on the deck in warm weather
8. Chirping madly at birds and squirrels
9. Crawling in between the covers of a made bed and taking a nap
10. Sweatshirt strings

I love my kitty. He's the perfect combo kitty for Lance and I - he will snuggle with me and rough-house with Lance. If you come over sometime, ask Lance to demonstrate a game he fondly refers to as "hand."

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Rose said...

He is so cute! :o) He seems a lot like my Scampy!