Thursday, February 11, 2010


Omigoodness. Is anyone else ever exhausted by the time they get to Thursday? I tell you, every time Thursday, 2:30 pm rolls around, I feel like I am going to slump over in my chair and fall asleep. Somehow I manage to guilt myself into going to my workout class at 4:30 pm and get myself home awake. But the horrible thing is when I have homework ... my brain just quits I tell you! I've got most of a post finished and I should be "proactive" and "start" my lit review that is due Saturday. (It's not as bad as you might think, I've got my lit review from my research methods class that I can recycle so writing a 12 page fluff paper in one day is "managable"). I think it's bedtime.

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Jon and Katie Evans said...

Kara- I am in MN and my dear friend Ang helped me finally get you added...for some reason I couldn't click "follow" to follow your blog! Happy blogging...I will be reading! :)