Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Lance and I menu plan each week. We either do all our menus on Saturday and make our shopping list and then go shopping that day or we do them Sunday and grocery shop Monday after work. We menu plan for two reasons: 1) It eliminates the burning "what's for dinner?" question 2) It eliminates the temptation to eat out because it's easier. I know that by the time I've gotten home from work, the last thing I want to think about is what to throw together for supper. It's too much brain drain. This also helps us talk about what things we've got going on the upcoming week for activities. When we menu plan I already know what's for supper and much of the time, Lance has prepped the night before any vegetables we are using. I am home about an hour and a half before Lance, so much of the cooking falls to me these days. But Lance is a super husband and does his fair share by prepping veggies and meat the night before. So here's what the L&K household are planning this week for food.

Monday: Pineapple Chicken Teriaki Stir fry
Tuesday: Hamburger Pasties (they're weird, but we have leftovers of the filling and Lance won't let me toss it)
Wednesday: Cheeseburger Soup
Thursday: Spaghetti
Friday: Eat out with the Kitchens at Applebees
Saturday lunch: Oriental Chicken Salads
Saturday supper: Enchiladas
Sunday: Pot Roast w/ Roasted Vegetables
Sunday: Popcorn (Sunday night tradition)

Really, there's nothing here that is earth shattering. But Lance and I both appreciate consistency and I like organization. It's just who I am :)


Anonymous said...

The Kitchens menu plan too and we have the same plan for Friday! :) How neat!

Eryka said...

I love the menu plans. We do it too (just not quite as consistently). One of our struggles is that the leftovers stack up over a couple days. What do you do with the leftovers? Freeze them/take them for lunch?

Unknown said...

This was fun to read, I had no idea about meal planning, but sounds like a good idea :) I'd join for the cheeseburger soup!

SarahB said...

Kara, you are a super wife. If I make 3 meals a week then I feel pretty darn good about myself. I will do menus for about a month and then we're back to "what's for dinner?" Ugh. ALSO - I love that you eat popcorn on Sundays. I grew up doing that and Tom thinks it's ridiculous to eat POPCORN for DINNER. Hilarious!

*carrie* said...

I was intrigued about the pasties. They're super popular in north Michigan, and Eric loves them. I make a recipe that uses pie crust.

That's so fun you get to eat out with A+A. Enjoy!