Tuesday, September 3, 2013

31 Things I'm Grateful for in August

  1. Our beloved county fair and our much-adored Iowa State Fair.
  2. Bauder's peach ice cream and the fact that Lu ate half of mine.
  3. Fall-like days. There, I said it, I like fall. 
  4. Fresh picked, vine-ripened tomatoes
  5. Emails from friends during the work day. 
  6. Zumba classes that make me smile and sweat. The perfect exercise combo. 
  7. Long conversations with friends after supper at their house.
  8. Gourmet cheese.
  9. Fun neighborhood parks and splash pads!
  10. 9th anniversary of Lance proposing at the Iowa State Fair - we're 4-H kids.
  11. The movie "Despicable Me" - we might be a couple of years late, but this movie is a hoot!
  12. Homemade margherita pizza - with all of the ingredients out of the garden.
  13. Perfect cherries.
  14. Pool parties that result with kiddos with blue lips and chattering teeth
  15. A sister-in-law who will babysit for date night at the Iowa State Fair
  16. Tenuous family connections that allow us to pick their sweet corn for free and put up enough freezer corn for the upcoming year.
  17. Sitting atop the Giant Slide at the Iowa State Fair and being more than a little afraid to go down it. Then feeling shamed by the five-year-olds screaming in delight.
  18. 6 year friendship anniversary with dear friend Erika. Our husbands swore that we would get along. Boy, were they right!
  19. Family get togethers with wild toddlers.
  20. Soft, plush green grass - my dad's not our crunchy version of grass.
  21. Tractor rides.
  22. College friends who babysit in exchange for produce - thanks Em!
  23. Chocolate zucchini cake, the best use of zucchini. :)
  24. Clean bill of health at my annual physical and great physician referrals from friends.
  25. Swapping nursery rooms with friends to use church nursery as a gab session.
  26. Friends who read my blog and take us out for supper as a thank you.
  27. Lance's mechanical abilities.
  28. Women's ministry events through church.
  29. Thirtieth birthday parties for neighbors.
  30. New babies and meals for their parents.
  31. PAYING OFF THE TRAVERSE! One paid loan closer to financial freedom.

So much to be thankful for.

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Rose said...

Awwww, I didn't know you and Lance got engaged at the ISF! So cute! :o)