Monday, October 29, 2012

Winner, winner, chicken dinner: Tiny Prints Giveaway

I'm sure that everyone has been waiting with abated breaths, but the winner of my Tiny Prints $50 giveaway is Adrian N! Adrian left a comment on my facebook wall that she loves to send out Christmas cards the old fashioned way and has already started thinking about what to do for this year's. Adrian has two adorable little boys and another wee little baby girl on the way. No wonder she has already started mentally planning this year's Christmas card :) 

How cute is this card from Tiny Prints? Tiny Prints really does have the best designs!
I wrote down everyone names on slips of paper and made Lance draw one. He felt pressured and took his role very seriously. My husband, if you ever want to ensure something is done with consideration and fairness, he's your man. We had fifteen total entrants, so congrats Adrian! You'll get your promo code for $50 soon.

We've finally wrapped up all of our photo sessions for the fall. Since the beginning of October, we've had our photos taken for our church directory, for a family wedding, a mini-session with just the three of us with my talented neighbor Amanda, and then group photos with my parents this past weekend. I think that our smiles are broken. At least if you ask Lance, his smile is broken. Or on temporary hiatus.

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