Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lucan: 16 months

I can't believe that I've done 16 of these updates. They've forced me to really think about Lucan's growth and development on a monthly basis. While I have no intentions of extending these past his second birthday, they have definitely forced me to reflect.
  • At Lucan's 15th month check-up (which was actually done at 16 months), he weighed in at 24 lbs and 6 ounces. He feels a lot heavier than that most days. For height and weight, he measured at the 61% percentiles and for head size - 94% percentile. Lu Lu has a big noggin. He did so well with his shots too, just a few tears and then he was fine. The two things that were most comical is having one of the nurses ask Lance and I if Lucan would be brought up bilingually (does elementary Spanish 1 count?) and the older, icky nurse saying that Lu was just such a sweetheart and then sneaking in a kiss. A little strange, but my baby boy does elicit kisses.
  • Lu's favorite foods now include scrambled eggs. Weird. I hate scrambled eggs. But Lance and I both watched an episode of Martha Stewart's Cooking School on eggs so we could learn how to "properly" cook eggs. In Martha's world scrambled eggs do not include milk. Oh well, in my world, they do.
  • I am valiantly holding onto the 2x nap a day schedule. I'm pretty sure that Lu could probably transition to a single nap, but I'm not ready for it. Truth be told, I'm praying against all odds that I will find a job before that transition has to be made.
  • Could Lucan have any more teeth? Probably not. He has them all. He's such a trooper when it comes to teething.
  • I've been trying to socialize Lu more by taking him to the library for storytime and to one of the local churches for a gathering called "Praise and Play." At Praise and Play we sing kiddo bible songs, play with some musical instruments, have a bible story, snacks and the ocassional craft. Lucan is definitely enjoying it and gaining a better understanding of what's expected. Gotta love local mom/baby outings!

Lu Lu for your 16th month birthday, we celebrated by taking a trip to the zoo. Daddy took the day off and we celebrated one of the last days of summer sunshine.

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