Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Reasons why I won't be Winning a Mom of the Year Award

Below are pictorial illustrations as to why I won't be winning any Mom of the Year Awards.

1. Lucan thinks it's fun to hide in the pots and pans. My thought "why not? There are no sharp edges or knives."

2. Dirty, dirty face. Lucan like chili! Even in September when it's still hot outside. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, Lu likes anything with beans.

We've started the practice of what I call "double-bibbing" The first bib is full frontal and has sleeves. With Lucan, it should probably include pants too. I've discovered that he likes to take food off his tray and put it in his lap. Typical. The rubber bibs were great until Lucan discovered that he can rip them off on his own. Instead of allowing him to be bib-less, we double bib.

Lu - what's that you are sucking on? Oh, a 5 Hour Energy bottle. Fantastic. Well, that's how this household preps for an Iowa State game. They sell 5 Hour Energys at the checkout line at our grocery store. If I don't watch Lucan closely, he'll grab them and start throwing them into the cart. We don't actually buy these, the one Lu has I got as a sample at an event I worked at this past summer.

Child labor laws? What? Lucan shouldn't be playing with our $350 vacuum?

Bedbug and lice warriors alike will groan. I bought this hat for Lucan on consignment and let him try it on without washing it first. Like I said, I'm not winning any mom awards this year.

What this picture doesn't show is that Lu has no pants on. We typically roam around this house pants-less. Yep, we are a household full of Pants-less Petes. This picture also doesn't show that it's 80 degrees outside too. I think puffy winter coats should be worn in 80 degree weather :)

Ah, yes. The grill pictures. We were hanging out on the deck the other day and Lucan was very interested in the grill. The gas was turned off so I thought "why not?"

And one final picture. This depicts Lucan's face when he's running full speed from one place to another. This face is called "pure joy." At the end of the day, even after I've let Lu play with or get into 10+ things he probably shouldn't have, if this is the face that greets me, I'll take it. 

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