Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Kitten

No, we did not get a new kitten. Lance has put the ki-bosh on adding any pets to this household until I turn 32. Just wait, I'll be opening my animal farm then! But my childhood kitty died earlier this spring and my parents brought home a tiny bundle of joy named Annie. I was the one that came up with her name. They got a ragdoll kitten - Raggedy Annie - hence, Annie. My mom has decided that this kitten is a spitfire - Annie Oakley - or one pistol of a kitty! We were home the weekend they got her and Lucan wanted to be her friend. Annie hid. The friendship is not reciprocal :)

"Be my friend Annie! Quit hiding and running away!"

"I cannot reach you to pull, er, I mean, 'pet' you"

Hiding under a table. Smart move kitty.

What a sweet little precious face. There's nothing cuter than a kitten.

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