Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fiver

Five things on my radar this Friday:

1. On my playlist: Gym Class Heroes "The Fighter." It makes me want to go-go.

2. On my fingers: fun, beachy melon colored nail polish for my DIY manicure. Because I ponied up the money to get my haircut and heaven knows we can't afford a mani and a haircut in the same month. This is Zoya's Willow shade.
3. Idina Menzel. Lance and I are going to her concert tonight - these were tickets Lance got me for my birthday. You may recognize her from Glee, or Rent, or Wicked or the movie Enchanted. Needless to say, she's got some singing chops.

4. I want ridiculous Tory Burch gold shoes. But these particular shoes are $106. Pass.

5. The Des Moines Arts Festival is the weekend. It's a good time and I'm hoping the whole fam will be able to enjoy it. I'm sure there are a few items I'll lust over.

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