Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog? A Waste of Time? Pshaw.

Lance recently told me that my blog was a waste of my time. Please tell Lance that he is a pooper. This argument was had during a heated cell phone conversation in a Fareway parking lot. And I might be partly at fault, but I still maintain that it was a really poopy thing for Lance to say. And now I expect an apology in the form of a comment from Lancer.

The following are reasons why this blog IS NOT a waste of time.

1. My two creative outlets are writing and cooking. Writing on this blog is a whole lot cheaper and less messy than cooking. Granted, it doesn't provide the same filling feeling as food, but I would argue that writing is an emotionally "filling" endeavor.

2. This blog provides a way for friends and family members to keep up on our lives. Lance - both of our parents read this blog and enjoy it!

3. I have had various people ask me for a recipe, so I refer them to this blog. It's an easy way for me recommend (or warn against) certain recipes or ingredients.

4. I overshare. I can't help it. Hence, the blog.

5. Encouragement. I share things we struggle with and things that have worked well for our family too. People ask me about things I've posted because they know I've had experience.

6. Winning! Lance, I've won my favorite 2 pairs of earrings from blogging! I've also won lotion and Halloween soap. Totally a legit reason to blog.

7. Every year I post what I want for my birthday or for Christmas. It appears to be the only way you figure out what to buy for me.

8. Blogging is the way I'm recording Lucan's month to month progress. No Mom, I haven't started on Lucan's baby book yet. But I'm blogging, so it totally counts.

9. Blogging is my passive aggressive way to deal with whatever is presently ailing me :) This blog post - total reiteration of my passive aggression.

10. Something for me to add onto our Christmas newsletter. We're getting boring in our old age, so this blog works as a filler.

There you go. 10 totally legit reasons for me to blog. Eat it Lance.


Katy Bell said...

Lance- you are being a pooper. I completely agree with all points, as legitimate reasons for Kara to continue. Plus, this is the main way that I keep up with Kara... as well as facebook stalking...

Love your thoughts! Keep them coming. They make me miss you!

Nicole @ one half world said...

Well, if you're wasting your time blogging, then I am too! :) I love checking your blog. I get some great recipe ideas, and I love your witty writing.