Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A birthday letter

Dear Lance,

You have one week and one day until my birthday. It's time to start panicking. Because both you and I know that you haven't planned one darned thing yet.

This is the start to what I like to call my year of glory. Meaning, this is my 29th birthday. 30 is going to be rough as I have ordained 30 as the time period where I better have my life together. So honey, let's make the start of this year a good one!


Your patient wife

PS: in true keeping of this blog, here are a few friendly hints as to how you can start off my year of glory.

1. A breakfast sandwich & orange juice in bed (actually, not in bed. I've lectured you several times that food cannot be consumed in bed, this is after I caught you trying to eat a CRUMBLY cookie in bed. But breakfast made for me when I get up would be excellent.)

2. Here is the link to the photo art I would like for my birthday. You'll need to get it framed, I suggest Michaels and use a framing coupon from the Sunday paper. If you feel like going above and beyond - hanging it in the space above the pantry would be ideal. And if you were really trying for husband of the year, you could hang the framed and matted family pictures that's been suffering in limbo for the last 3 months because you won't let me hang anything with your permission.

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3. Then, in keeping with AWESOME husband-ness, dinner reservations ON MY BIRTHDAY and a babysitter. And no complaining about work.

4. Bonus points if you buy me these Toms. I really don't expect you to based on New Year's Resolution #3 ... but I promise to be completely surprised if you do. Size 7, please and thank you :)

5. And lastly, if you wanted to spend NOTHING on my birthday, but still wanted to give me a gift: you could iron everything that's hanging on the downstairs rack. That would probably make you the coolest husband ever. I hate ironing.

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