Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Resolutions: Korean Food

I think I've figured out why my Korean food resolution keeps reappearing year after year. After a quick google search of Korean food recipes, they all sound gross to me. Things like "Fish Cake Stew," "Squid Pancakes,"and "Uncurdled Tofu Stew" sound awful. I like to think that I keep a pretty open mind about things, but these sound a bit beyond what I can handle and I know that I don't have a chance of convincing Lance to try them. I don't cook seafood (Lance hates it and it can be expensive), I'm not overly fond of seaweed (okay, I don't like it AT ALL), and I really don't like having huge bottles of Asian ingredients that sit in my pantry for years. Case in point: I recently discovered that I own three bottles of sesame oil and two bottles of rice vinegar, as well as a bottle of mirin, hoisin, fish sauce, thai curry paste, and umpteen bottles of soy sauce. I really don't feel inclined to buy kelp, bean curd, or seaweed. It also creeps me out by the number of sunnyside eggs I see in pictures of Korean food. I think it's weird. Going to Asian markets can be tiresome too. Don't get me wrong, the foodie in me enjoys wandering and looking at all sorts of ingredients and things I'm not familiar with, but I do not enjoy the inevitable heritage conversation I will have to have at some point. Why Asian women are so nosy (myself not included in this racist umbrella statement) is completely beyond me. I cannot go and get a pedicure without having to have to explain why I don't know any Korean and why I can speak English without any trace of an accent. Of course I had to go through this same litany last Friday when I went to pick up a couple of ingredients I couldn't find at Fareway. It just really irritates me. I know my friend Shannon has had similar experiences too and it takes every ounce of grace I have for me to not make some snappy comment that Jesus would not be at all impressed with.

Okay. Enough on my tirade. I digress.

After amending my search to include American Korean food, I came across a blog that may have a more realistic approach to finally getting this resolution crossed off my list:

Gungjung Tteokbokki (Stir-fried Rice Cake with Beef and Vegetables)

Hoddeok (Sugar Pancake)

Korean Stewed Short Ribs

The recipes all come from a blog titled Korean American Mommy. Her kids are cute. Granted, I have a certain affinity towards Asian babies :) But her blog might be the reason I get to cross this ongoing resolution off my list.

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*carrie* said...

Good luck with all that, Kara! I have bottles of sesame oil and rice vinegar in my pantry that Eric had before we got married. Wonder how long they stay good?! =)