Thursday, September 29, 2011

Outdoor photo session

Last Sunday after church and after Lucan's afternoon nap (which consisted of 45 minutes - not nearly long enough if you ask me), we had a little fun backyard photo session. Lucan had his Sunday best on, a Ralph Lauren outfit courtesy of Josh and Nicole. Let me tell you, all of Lucan's super cute clothes are gifts from Josh and Nicole. Nicole took it very seriously when I proclaimed that if I wasn't going to have a girl that I could dress in pink tutus, that at the very minimum, I was going to dress my son like a prepster. They've definitely aided in this endeavor. My son has yet to wear John Deere clothing.

My work BFF, Kristen, is obsessed with trying to figure out if Lucan looks more Asian or Caucasian at any given time. In these pictures she said that she thought he looked more Caucasian. She's a funny girl.

We started out with Lucan on his tummy. We were really impressed with his head control. This picture was taken early on - you can tell because L is still smiling and not annoyed with tummy time.

"Hi Mom! I'm adorable!"

After 5 minutes or so, Lucan was tired. So he laid his head down to rest and then Lance proceeded to try and convince L to roll over. It didn't work so well.

"Help! I'm a turtle stuck on it's side! Save me!"

"Is no one going to help me? Fine. I'll just lay here on my own."

"Sweet relief. Someone flipped me over."

"Oh Daddy, you are so funny. There's no one else who makes me giggle like you do!"

"Uh oh. I'm sitting up again. Time to demonstrate my awesome neck control."

"Awww thanks mom. I know I'm precious."

"AHHHH! Mom is trying to eat me!"

The last picture is compliments of Lance's awesome photography skills. I said I wanted a new mommy-baby picture and instead Lance decided to take a picture of what looks like a carnivorous mom trying to devour her young. Thanks honey. Obviously the best picture of the day.

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Nicole @ one half world said...

Super cute pictures, Kara. Glad he's (you're) enjoying the RL outfit. And I love the last pic. James would be like, "Ms. Kara is a carnivore, like a T. Rex."