Monday, November 2, 2009

Grad School

I registered for graduation on Friday. Totally bizarre, but a good reminder that the end is in sight. I'm pushing through the hardest part of my coursework right now. I'm on an eight week stretch of double classes: Servant Leadership and Strategic Corporate Communications. I just finished Research Methods which by no means joyful, but in the end, manageable. Here's a little secret: I only do enough reading to be able to do my weekly posts and compose my papers. I do nothing beyond that. With Research Methods I could complete my project assignments with minimal reading, however Servant Leadership is turning into an entirely different beast - a reading monopolizing beast. I am working on refining the art of doing just enough to get an A.
I will say this about grad school: it's busy work. Sometimes I think getting into grad school was harder than my actual program. I'm sure it's different if you are an Engineer, but for a Communications gal, it's just papers and reading. I'm not even sure if this is the right path for me, but hopefully at some point in my life there is financial gain. Otherwise I'm going to be over-educated with a lot of private school debt.


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Very good piece

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