Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Air

Gads. We came home from a weekend away to find that our air conditioning was malfunctioning. To me, this is one of the worst things possible in the world. I do not do well in the heat. I have bad allergies and the heat just makes me crabby (this is why we don't do camping). I know that it's rather high maintenance of me to insist on air conditioning, but really, it's for the benefit of everyone. We had a repair guy out to the house on Mon. to give us a quote on how much to fix and yikes, was it expensive! Yesterday we had a guy out to quote how much it would be to replace the air conditioning and furnace unit all together. Also very expensive. But an expense that I am willing to pay - even if it means that we won't be able to afford a new car. And trust me, I would really like to replace Lance's car, but air conditioning for the house is 10x more important. We head off to visit Michigan tomorrow, so the air won't be fixed until sometime next week. Everyone better keep praying for cool weather. We have been blessed with friends who have offered to let us sleep at their houses' and if the weather is hot when we get back, I might just have to take them up on their offers.

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