Thursday, July 16, 2009

Three Question Thursday

My favorite blog right now is Iowa Girl Eats because 1) She lives in Central Iowa 2) She works for the company that I would give my eye teeth to work at 3) She's cool and has very similar interests as myself. She does this great thing called "3 Question Thursday" that I thought I'd partake in today.
1. What’s your favorite part about summer? Spending time at the pool/lake/ocean? Amazing weather? Summer grill-outs?
2. Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid?
3. What’s your favorite summer vacation to date?

1. My favorite part of summer is the variety of fresh food available from my garden (I actually hate the heat and humidity of summer. And the bugs. I hate bugs. Things like roma tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, green peppers, sugar snap peas, etc. I need to post some produce pictures. My husband and I struggle with our garden, but this year - year three - is looking promising!

2. I did go to summer camp and I loved it! When I was younger I went to church music camp where we sang the entire week and then did a show at the end for our parents. It was fantastic and some of my favorite childhood memories. I actually went as a counselor for a week when I was in college and it brought back some great memories - just the grounds, the buildings and the traditions. I will definitely send my children away to summer camp when they are older (and of course when I have children)

3. My favorite summer vacation ... as a child it would probably be Florida, Orlando specifically. As an adult, well, Lance doesn't do vacation. He didn't grow up going on vacation and it's been a hard habit to break in our marriage. After going to Hawaii this spring, we'll be making a small trip to Michigan to see my BFF Mandy. We've talked about going to South Korea next year and I have to go out to Spokane for school, so next year there will definitely be a vacation on the calendar!

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