Thursday, May 14, 2015

Some days you just lose. A Day in the life of a Working Mom with two Kiddos.

Some days you just can’t win for losing. Yesterday was one of those days and that’s okay. I try and keep in mind that sometimes you are the pooper and sometimes you get pooped on (as a mom, I have more days where I get pooped on than not). 

As I blearily hit my alarm for the second time, I finally rolled out of bed at 6:21. Getting up with Gracie to feed her at 4 AM is a not so distant memory when Lance asks me if Gracelyn got up last night. I control my urge to take a swing at him. 

I pull on the clothes I laid out the night before only to realize that my shirt looks really dumb with the skirt I have on. Drat. I try a second shirt but it’s really wrinkled so I try and iron the whole thing. With my flat iron. While wearing it. Bad idea. I see this isn’t my best plan so I change yet again. I finally settle on a shirt only to have Gracelyn spit up on it 20 minutes later and have to pick yet another shirt. Life. 

Lance hands Gracie to me and her back is sopping wet. Somehow this little one has managed to pee her clothes which warrants an entire outfit change. Apparently all of the females today need multiple outfits. 

Lance reminds me that today is superhero day at school for Lu. As we frantically rummage through two drawers of clothes for his Superman shirt, unsuccessfully I might add, I recall I recently bought some Superman pjs for him at a garage sale. #momwin. I add his superhero cape and consider it a job well done. 

Lance finishes packing everyone’s breakfasts (banana bread muffins that Lance made two nights ago) and is ready to start loading the car while I finish getting ready. The other night I accidentally kicked the cat hard enough to damage my toe and toenail so I have a very limited supply of open-toed shoes that are flat and work appropriate that won’t make my toe ooze. 

Lance is out on the driveway for an abnormally long time. I ask Lu what daddy’s up to and he replies that Daddy is walking around the car. NOT A GOOD SIGN. The car battery is deader than dead. And I’m still at home without makeup when I should already be at work. 

Lance announces that he’s going to take his very un-reliable, non-interstate safe car to work. Dear Lord. Out of precaution for the children, I am now doing drop-off this morning. I am going to be SO very late. 

We shuffle everyone’s things into my SUV and fly out of the house. As I pull into the daycare parking lot, the daycare school bus that I only ever see when I’m running super late to work is now actually pulling out of the daycare parking lot. I am so ridiculously late. I unload everyone, plop Lu down with his muffin and scramble back into my car. I put on my mascara at a stoplight (a skill that I shouldn’t be so efficient at) and finally catch my breath. 

I’m sure tomorrow will go better :)


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Rose said...

You are doing great! :o) It is so hard!