Thursday, May 7, 2015

Asking for help.

It’s so easy to write out, yet virtually impossible to actually do. 

Some of the only times I’ve actually felt okay asking for help is after I’ve had a baby and even then that’s killed me a bit. Friends have shown up on my doorstep with baked goods and meals and I’ve fervently given thanks. They’ve joyfully brought me sustenance and cooed over our newborn and provided me with 10 minutes of adult interaction. And it’s been wonderful. 

I have friends at church who gleefully ask if they can hold Gracelyn.  Or they ask if they can help when they see me struggling with Lucan, my purse, a diaper bag, Gracelyn and a coffee cup all at the same time. It’s obvious I need help (seriously – where is Lance in all of this?) but yet I am loathe to accept it. I have this ridiculous mindset that I should be able to do it all. I’m strong. I have two working legs. I am not disabled. And above it all, I am willful. 

But the people that are offering their help – they are kind, they see a need and are more than happy to fulfill it. 

I am here to tell you this: you are not weak. There is no need for you to go it alone. You are not a bad mom if Tuesdays nights are your pizza nights because you know that on Tuesdays you can get a large Papa Murphy’s pizza for $10 (try the taco – it’s delicious). You are allowed to tell your husband it’s his turn to take the baby at 4 am. It’s okay to BUY those treats for your kiddo’s Easter party instead of staying up to 11:30 pm frosting yellow baby chick sugar cookies (last year). Accept help. Or even more unfathomable, ask for help. You can do it. You’re not a bad person for accepting that you are not a super hero.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Kara for the wonderful reminder! Its true, I think we feel like we need to be super mom's and handle it all, but that's not true at all and I don't think that's what the Lord wants for us either. Thanks for encouraging me to ask for help!