Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gracelyn – 2 Months Old

(Please disregard that Gracelyn was 2 months old on Feb 1)

Gracelyn, dear sweet girl, I apologize in advance for any extra head bumps or misguided sibling love you may receive before you are able to fend off your brother’s energetic attempts at hugs or sweet forehead kisses. While they are meant-well and done with the utmost sincerity, your brother has the grace of a bull in a china shop. It can all be summed up with: he means well.

You are fitting well into our little family. You do so well at chilling on your own, which is so helpful when brother needs a little extra attention or when I’m trying to make supper. You’ll sit and watch everyone in your bouncy seat or with your head propped up on the boppy pillow. I’m thankful for that. We’ve also gotten to participate in a bible study at church and play group. Everyone always asks if you are always that good. The answer: yes.

You took your first long road trip to Okoboji, IA where you got to spend some quality time with some of your parents dear friends. Big brother went to grandma and papa’s house and you came with us. It was a nice trip and you did awesome at sleeping in the car. You also did awesome at supper out to eat where you proceeded to sleep through the entire thing. Your parents were grateful.

This month you also got to meet some more people. You also got to meet one of my kindest friends, Wendy, when we went to Okoboji. You also got to meet a couple of momma’s work friends and your great uncle Dave and great aunt Cathy. They’re all fantastic people.

Baby girl, you are teeny-tiny. We took you to your 2 month well-child check and you are a little munchkin. You are up to 10 pounds, which puts you in the 14th percentile. For height you are 21.5 inches long (9th percentile) and your head circumference is 39 centimeters (68th percentile). Your brother was gargantuan in comparison.

Sleeping. You are doing great! You will regularly sleep until at least 6 AM and even then I sometimes get grumpy about you being up early. But brother bear and dad enjoy when you are up before they leave in the morning. Typically you’ll take one long snooze, around 3-4 hours, in which you sleep hard. The rest of your naps just aren’t nearly as good. But I’m not complaining, you could be doing much worse. We finally started swaddling you with a swaddle wrap or what Lance calls “a baby straight jacket.” It’s been a good thing.

Eating. You aren’t too bad at nursing. You seem to have gotten over falling asleep while nursing but sometimes you just decide that you aren’t hungry enough to eat on both sides. I’m trying to do some extra pumping so I have a little stored up, but I haven’t been nearly as gung-ho about pumping during maternity leave like I was with Lucan. Simply because pumping sucks. Yep. We’re still giving you gas drops regularly with a side of Gerber colic drops (for the probiotics) and the occasional dose of gripe water. We need to work on improving your bottle skills. You seem to think bottles aren’t what the cool kids are up to.

Wearing. Baby girl is wearing much of her newborn outfits still but is beginning to fit into some of her 0-3 month clothing. That’s exciting for me as this girl has more new clothes than all the rest of us times five.

Milestones. Social: little shy smiles, especially in the morning and just after naps. Loves daddy!

Language: starting to coo a little bit. It’s adorable.


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