Wednesday, February 11, 2015

31 Things in January (better late than never)

So much to be thankful for ...
  1. A delightful lunch out with my parents. Kid free lunches are few and rare.
  2. Target dates.
  3. Maternity leave. I’m dreading March 2 when I have to go back to work.
  4. Friends who have come to visit during the day.
  5. Family time.
  6. A weekend in Okoboji with good friends.
  7. The first massage in over a year.
  8. The return of Downtown Abbey and The Bachelor!! #princefarming
  9. Little voices who say “mommy, I just love you.”
  10. Mommy play dates.
  11. Grandmas and Grandpas.
  12. Church potlucks.
  13. A clean bill of health from my doctor.
  14. Other than a few sniffles, no major illnesses.
  15. Snow (Lance is NOT thankful for snow)
  16. Naps.
  17. Normal days and weeks.
  18. A baby who sleeps.
  19. Visiting a dear high school friend and seeing her beautiful house for the first time.
  20. for doing daily devotionals.
  21. Sweatshirts that feel like hugs
  22. A sweet big brother who loves his little sister
  23. Amazon Prime
  24. DELICIOUS appetizer night at small group where we all loaded up on yummy munchies
  25. Being able to be a part of a Bible study while I’m on maternity leave
  26. Coffee. I broke down and bought a used Keurig off of a FB swap site and am so thankful for it! (I’m thankful enough to want to list it twice!)
  27. Having an understanding husband who didn’t murder me when I had a “small” car accident involving the Traverse and our garage door.
  28. Getting to attend a baby shower for a sweet friend who is expecting twin boys any day now!
  29. A kind sister-in-law and parents in-law who took care of Lu for a weekend
  30. For being brave enough to take Lu and Grace out to eat on our own. It went quite well, surprisingly enough
  31. 13 weeks of maternity leave!!

And January in pictures:
It's so cold outside mommy!

Sister needs a helper. Okay ...
Jessie mistook me for a 65 year-old man at Fareway :(

Polka dots :)

Favorite Christmas ornament - photo by Katie Evans Photography. Ornament by Shutterfly.

Peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. How many things can YOU cram into the title of a cookie?

So tired! But if you try and lay me down for a nap I will instantly awaken.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Hi Mom! I found your secret stash of chips!

After a middle of the night feeding I found Lance encroaching on my side of the bed.

Quick nap in momma's arms.

Looking lovely by way of the ladies of small group.

Car nap after playing hard at Lance's parents' farm. After he awoke he was a hot mess that included slobber and shrieking for 45 minutes in the car.

Big brown eyes.

Enthralled by Wild Kratts and his new marker book from Wendy.


This cat somehow knew I had just washed the duvet cover. Thanks Fire. Glad you found a warm soft place to nap.

Lots and lots of art. Woe to the mother whose son finds his projects in the recycling basket.

Foaming at the mouth.

Little sister doesn't know how lucky she is. She has big brother's favorite green blankie and beloved "Pete the Penguin."

Baby smiles.

Saturday morning, way too early. Scrambled eggs and play dough.

He only eats out of green bowls. It's irritating.


Dad left us to go to an ISU basketball game. We were reduced to selfies for entertainment.

Cherry Berry as a family reward for good behavior = sugar high = sugar crash.

He dropped two gummy worms on the floor and ate them before I could stop him. However I was able to stop him from eating the m&ms that he found in the corner of the couch.

This is my thinking face, mommy.

Take a picture! Take a picture!

10 inches of snow. Church was canceled. Lance deemed this the type of snow that gives men in the sixties heart attacks.

Mushroom spinach focaccia bread pizza for the Superbowl. Def the food of football players.

I bought Lu bath crayons and bath paints for Christmas. Did you know if you remove the "t" from "paint" it spells "pain"? There's a reason for that.

One afternoon I got an itch to organize Gracelyn's closet. It was a stupid idea.

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*carrie* said...

Gracelyn's nursery tour is adorable!

I KNOW what you mean with the bath paints. Never again.