Thursday, January 2, 2014

31 Things I'm Thankful for in December

1.       Baby Jesus’ birthday
2.       Lu’s Little People nativity set. It was a good opportunity to talk about Jesus and for me to remind Lucan to “shhh… baby Jesus is sleepin’”
3.       Warm bed and blankets to snuggle in to.
4.       Self-imposed blogging break to take a step back and “try” and enjoy the holidays more. I think I just filled my time instead with baking.
5.       26 sticks of butter transformed into holiday baking. Yikes!
6.       Some sweet Christmas presents – a Vitamix blender and a new watch from my momma
7.       Seeing family over the holidays and having my uncle play and interact with Lucan
8.       Girls versus Guys Christmas parties
9.       Christmas cards –I love seeing pictures of everyone every year. Of course I love the occasional goofy Christmas letter too, as long as it isn’t a “brag” letter. I have a couple of families whose cards are notorious for this.
10.   Christmas card picture outtakes. These are hilarious!
11.   Receiving my annual cd from my high school friend Michael. He’s been expanding my musical horizons for as long as I remember.
12.    Secret Santa gift exchange at work. I was grumpy and had a bad attitude but it ended up being a lot of fun.
13.   Chance encounters with friends at Target.
14.   Twinkly Christmas lights.
15.   New daycare and new experiences. Lucan went to his first “real” movie at the movie theater and liked it. Apart from it being too loud. Too loud mommy, too loud.
16.   No oyster stew on Christmas Eve. Yes Mom, I am especially grateful for this.
17.   Our cousin’s new house with plenty of room for the kids to stretch out and play.
18.   Singing in Christmas church choir. It can be kind of a pain sometimes, but it’s a joyous time of year to do choir.
19.   Lucan only cried one out of the two times we had him sit on Santa’s lap. I think that’s a win.
20.   Selling old sweaters on craigslist. Yay for getting rid of old stuff!
21.   A sister-in-law who lives/works close enough to drop off the misc. stuff we leave at my in-laws.
22.   After being gone seven days in the month of December, I’m thankful for HOME.
23.   Wireless internet at my parents’ house!
24.   Warm days and daddy/son tractor rides.
25.   Convincing Lance that no one else has to tithe 10% off their Christmas gifts.
26.   Sweet friends who will feed Fire while we are gone for long stretches of time.
27.   Sweet friends who will watch Lucan in a pinch.
28.   Surprising parents-to-be with much needed baby items.
29.   Lucan loves time with his grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins.
30.   Gigantic towers made out of blocks.
31.   Little boys who are extremely ticklish and their adorable giggles.

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Andrea Cooley said...

It's so good to take a minute to pause and reflect on a month this way. I am especially impressed with your 26 sticks of butter!