Monday, April 8, 2013

March photo dump

We like to wear our yogurt on our face and eat our spoon separately.

Hello? I'd like to call China please. My parents are being mean and won't let me have another jelly bean. I'd like to return these parents please.

Oh, hey mom. Fancy meeting you here. I'm just calling for this other kid ... who has some jelly bean issues...
Double fisting is how we roll.

Lucan's favorite thing to do is buckle the clips on his seat.

And his seat becomes even more fun when it's on the ground.

Snow angels in yet another March snow storm. We didn't have snow boots for Lucan so I stuffed his shoes inside ziplock baggies. Where there is a will, there is a way. Please note that the smaller snow angel has tackled the bigger snow angel.

I think their snow angel technique has room for improvement.

Lucan went through a phase where every day he took off his clothes if I left him in his crib too long.

No one would ever accuse our house of being hot - especially not my parents who regularly complain about the temps in our house when they visit.

The nakedness also progressed into nap time.

Nothing like a little scrambled brains to get the noggin going!

Lucan has also taken to hiding in the pots and pans again. But because he's grown, now he has to take out pans to fit. Note the reflection of the popcorn maker in the oven door.

Besides being naked, Lucan also loves surfing the internet and playing on the computer.

He's shiftly looking about to see if anyone caught him bidding $200 on a new set of MegaBloks

Gotcha MegaBloks! Victory is mine!

Happily riding in his carseat with his beloved blankie. We own three of the precious blankies. Our next child will not get a light colored blanket to love. First time mom mistake.

Rolling around at Grandma K's house in the caterpillar tube. Crazy kiddo. 

Lance has "fixed" his beloved Chrysler LHS. "Fixed" in quotation marks because the car left us stranded on the other side of town when it was "fixed" the first time and then started pouring out antifreeze the second time it was "fixed" and took Lance an hour and a half to get home from downtown. When I say "fixed," I'm allowed to use quotation marks.  Lance likes to joke that the LHS, peeling paint and all 230,000 miles, will be Lu's first car. Oh Lucan, I pray we can do better for you that that!

Lucan was being a sweetheart and sat on his Grandpa K's lap for almost a half an hour while his Grandpa got some "beauty sleep" post-lunch.

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