Thursday, May 19, 2011

The view from 38 weeks

Here's me and all of my 38-week glory. I'm feeling large.

I'm one of those blessed women who have a relatively complication-free pregnancy. No real morning sickness, no problems, nada. Yes, I am fully aware that I'm lucky, feel free to hate me a bit. I have had some sciatica issues and lower back pain, but even still, not a huge issue. I did fail my original blood glucose screen (note to self: don't down two packages of fruit snacks prior to the screen, it will cause a spike - big surprise!) and I did have to do the full-blown blood glucose test complete with 18 hours of fasting, dehydration, and 4 blood draws. That was not fun. But that's been the only real issue so far. I have some fears that this means my labor is going to be no picnic or that this baby is going to never sleep. I need to just trust in God for the strength to get through those things.

At 38 weeks I'm still going strong - for the most part. I'm getting uncomfortable, feeling more bulky and achy after sitting for prolonged periods of time as well as being tired, but I'm not entirely over being pregnant either. I think this is mostly due to the fact that my mile long to-do list isn't complete. I'm getting a little nervous about my stamina when it comes to my superhuman freezer cooking. Maybe my super special sous-chef (aka: Lance) will throw his pregnant wife a bone and help. I'm sure he will. My husband is great like that. It's good to remind myself about his Godly helpfulness.

My doctor appointments are uneventful, which I'm thankful for. Normal weight gain, normal blood pressure, normal heart rate. Normal, normal, normal. I spend more time waiting for the doctor than I spend with the doctor. All in all, baby K and I are doing well.

I think that we are getting pretty ready to bring this baby home. We're going closer to settling on a name, the nursery is almost complete (meaning all the essential items are done, I still have some non-essential sewing to finish), the crib is up, the pack n' play is assembled, the bouncy seat is assembled, all of baby's clothing is sorted and laundered, our hospital bag is mostly packed. I keep trying to find a sane balance of over packing and having the right balance of what we need. I have a good chunk of my shower thank you's written. One of my favorite places in our house is the nursery. It's perfect and serene. Especially without having a crying baby to put in there :) Once the last of the decorating is complete, I'll post photos.

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