Monday, May 2, 2011

Not fair.

Lance says I don't get a mother's day this year present because I'm not a mother. Really? Should he argue with his 9-month pregnant wife about the infinitesimal detail of whether or not she's technically a "mother?" I think not. (Besides I'm a cat mother - I have Fire) This seems especially unfair as, more than likely, he'll be a father in time for Father's Day and will be eligible for a Father's Day present (although if I have anything to say about it, if he's skipping me, I'm skipping him).

Based on all of this knowledge, I'm treating myself to a pedicure. I'm 9 months pregnant. It's May, the start of pedicure season. I need a fun dose of summer color, like one of the OPI colors below. My pregnant belly prevents me from painting my own toes. I think that in itself is a good enough reason.

Happy Mother's Day me!

PS - Lance told me the other day that pregnant ladies would make the perfect mall Santas because they already have the belly. Yet another inappropriate comment by dear husband :)


Kerry said...

I saw you 100% deserve a mother's day gift! You're the one carrying that baby... you are a Mom! :)

I'm not due until July... I have a mother's day gift coming my way. The mother's one line a day journal to help remember every day of the babe's first five years! The perfect gift!

Enjoy your pedicure! :)

Nicole @ one half world said...

Oh Lance, seriously, mall Santas? I say no father's day gift for sure!! A pedicure is the perfect gift for you, on the other hand!