Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pregnancy update

I've been on a temporary hiatus due to catching my first pregnancy cold (I'm completely blaming my co-worker, he was coughing last week and lo and behold - I now have a cold!), a long weekend of traveling to both of our parents' homes, and sleep deprivation. I'm right in the middle of this cold and am digging deep to find inner strength. I miss having the option of taking cold drugs. It's just me, my neti pot, Vicks Vapor Rub, and an occasional Sudafed (Sudafed is approved for pregnancy - surprising!) I figured that it was about time to post my first pregnancy picture for the world to see. I think that I've hit the point where people are going to stop telling me I look great and will now be asking how much longer I have to go or if I'm having twins. I would like to address that question - it is never, ever, ever, ever appropriate to ask a pregnant woman if she's having twins. It's the equivalent of telling her she looks fat. It is also akin to asking a non-pregnant woman if she is pregnant. Neither are appropriate and will warrant a swift kick in the shins. I don't care if you are 80 years-old. You would still deserve a kick in my opinion.

Here's me and my 29 week pregnancy glory.

Here's Lance too. I used him to originally setup the shot, but we still had to adjust as I failed to account for our 9 inch height difference :)

  • I had my gestational diabetes test yesterday. I don't know the results yet, but I'm not too worried. My body didn't overreact or spaz out about all the extra glucose. I didn't even think that the drink was too horrible either, it tasted like flat Sprite. The worse part was trying to down it in under 5 minutes.
  • The doctor's appointment was rather uneventful - I'm measuring right on track as far as baby growth goes and my blood pressure was normal. They never really tell me if I've gained too much weight, I only get a comment if I've lost weight (which only happened in the first trimester, I seem to be making up for it now). Right now I'm assuming that my weight gain is on track too.
  • Baby Boy K is very active, but that's not surprising as the 7th month is typically one of the most active months for movement. My belly feels like a small lap pool every night around 11 pm or whatever time I get around to going to bed. Sometimes I push back on my belly. Baby doesn't like that :)
  • I've been getting up about once a night to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I tell myself no and try to go back to sleep.
  • Sleep is getting a little more challenging. Between struggling to breathe through sinus congestion and feeling like I'm dying of heat (I think it's partly due to having a cold), rolling over in the middle of the night sometimes feels like an acrobatic feat. And poor Lance, there's not much room in the bed with all the extra pillows. I feel a little bad for the man and then I remember he doesn't have to give birth and hasn't had to deal with hip pain for the last 4 months. And then I don't feel so bad for him. My doctor yesterday told me that I should feel exhausted all the time. Similar to a four-year old, who is going through massive growth and needs 12 hours of sleep each night, is my body. Except as an adult you get a fraction of that amount of sleep.
  • No movement on the nursery front. It's still being staged as a bedroom/office. Maybe next weekend ... I told Lance he couldn't come home with me because he had to stay home and work on the nursery. He pouted for a moment and then realized I had a point. Next weekend is his only weekend off of school. Enter in Mr.DIY.
  • I've dropped my water bottle twice at work in the last week. 16 fluid ounces of water all over the floor. I guess it's true, pregnant women do have the dropsies.
  • I'm still dealing with lower back pain and a partially numb/painful left leg. That's one thing I will not miss about being pregnant.
  • I will miss my pregnancy belly. It's rather fun to rub my belly and feel the rock-hardness of it. Ha, pregnancy is the only time when I'll use the adjectives "rock-hard" to describe the state of my belly!
  • Sadly, I'm getting increasingly out of breath going on my afternoon walks and going up and down the stairs at work. Yoga isn't pretty. It's hard to feel zen-like when you feel like a lumbering elephant.
  • I don't think I've had any unusual food cravings, just really liking my typical cravings - popcorn and Hot Tamales. I've also been craving 7-Up which is a little unusual for me as well as lots of salads and fresh fruit. I read in a pregnancy magazine that something like 31% of women crave fresh fruit during pregnancy.
  • I've had to make sure that I don't carb load in the mornings and that I have some protein, like peanut butter or egg whites or protein powder in my smoothie. I learned the hard way that if I don't get adequate amounts of water and protein in the morning that I will get nauseous and will pass out. (side note: protein powder is a little weird for me. On the jar it says "Made from 100% organic grass-fed beef!" Does anyone else get the willies about the fact that my vanilla protein powder is made from ground up cow?)
  • Childcare is the bane of my existence and one of my top 3 prayer requests. So, if you get a chance, mutter a prayer for us to find someone or some place for this baby.
  • And one last little funny if you've stuck it out this long. I guess I've been making little mmmm... noises when I've been napping. I'm not sure if I'm doing this when I sleep at night too because Lance is out as soon as his head hits the pillow. Lance observed me doing this in the car on Friday night and Lance's mom again observed this on Sunday when I was napping at their house (don't judge the napping). I was telling Lance about this on our way home on Sunday and he proceeded to tell me that cows, when they are super pregnant and getting closer to giving birth, will make the same mmmm... noise. My husband just compared me to a super pregnant cow. Not cool.

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Joel Scholten said...

Hilarious and yet so sad about Lance's comparison to you being a pregnant cow. I hate to tell you Kara, but you made those noises when we roomed together.....don't know what that means!! :) I miss you and wish so badly I could see you!!