Tuesday, March 8, 2011


As baby K nears his arrival, Lance and I have been embarking on some major discussions as to how we can cutback on our expenses. With impending childcare costs, diapers, etc. the "cutback" discussions have taken a turn for the serious. More so than Lance telling me to shop less and me telling Lance that he has to stop losing at his monthly church poker game. We're digging deep with talk about canceling (gasp) DirectTV after I'm finished with maternity leave. The major problem with canceling is Lance's love for ESPN and my love for Top Chef. Somewhat frivolous reasons, but in our minds, still important!
I recently read this frugality article and was pleased by the fact that we're doing everything they suggest as to how cut costs. But I guess that's not enough to please Mr. Money Man (aka: Lance). He's a handy mechanic and I'm good with a needle and talented in the kitchen. Together we're a great team with sharing gardening and canning tasks. And we so rarely travel, baggage costs aren't really a big deal.

According to the wise words of Sophia Kinsella, author of the Shopaholic Series there are two money philosophies in the world: make more money or spend less. My personal philosophy has also been make more money. Lance is sort of a combo person - make more money while hounding your wife to spend less. I always think that God has our personal balance sheet figured out, I shouldn't spend too much time stressing over money, God always provides in a pinch. :)I'm open to suggestions here, what are your money-saving techniques? What is your money philosophy?


Jon and Katie Evans said...

I would say cutting the cable is wise! Also...keep the cars you have!! HA!

Rose said...

Our cable is soooo expensive and I think we would save a ton by dropping it, but my husband is not on board.

Love the new blog design!! :o)

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what your childcare plans are, but I would recommend looking at one of you being a stay-at home parent. We've found that the reduction in income is more than offset by reduction in childcare expenses and the additional time spent with our children. Of course, this sort of thing isn't for everyone and requires a certain personality.

Nicole @ one half world said...

Kara, tell Lance I think he should save money by shopping at Walmart and buying an import car since they are more reliable than American brands and will save him on mpg and on upkeep. :)