Thursday, February 24, 2011

True Confessions - Oscars

True Confession Thursday - I am not a movie buff. I admire those who are and I've always thought that it would be super fun to host an Oscar party, complete with paparazzi and a red carpet with fancy appetizers. It is my opinion though, that in order to host a legitimate Oscar celebration, one must actually have a vested interest in the Academy Awards. More so than being overly excited by viewing the glamorous dresses of the actresses, which truth be told, is one of my favorite parts! As far as Best Picture nominees go, I've only seen two of the films. Maybe a little disgraceful to those of you who maintain an avid interest in the film industry, but not too shabby for me. I enjoyed both of the films and I hope to get a chance to see Toy Story 3 and The Social Network before Sunday.

I loved Inception. Did I necessarily understand it? No ... honestly, it was a little challenging for me to follow which dream level they were currently placed in. I've seen the movie three times, so I think my comprehension problems is solely my issue. I must be slow. Or have a mind that isn't cut out for the abstract. I do love a man in a suit. Joseph Gordon Levitt is good eye candy and I love his gravity defying fight scenes.

We saw The King's Speech last weekend. I really enjoyed it. I actually had no idea that the movie was about a speech impediment. Blame it on me for thinking the title must be some abstract play on something thematic. Nope, it's actually about the king's speech. Foolish Kara. I thought Collin Firth was brilliant, witty, and funny. Granted, on any given day, whether or not he's portraying Mark Darcy or King George the Sixth, I love Collin Firth. What have I said - I'm totally British!

I think that The King's Speech and Inception will clean house on Sunday. I'm sure that Natalie Portman will walk away with Best Actress. I can't bring myself to see The Black Swan. I don't do well with creepy. Which is too bad. I'm a typical dancer girl who loves ballet movies.

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*carrie* said...


I can't say I loved Inception, but it was definitely fascinating. I can't believe you've watched it 3 times!

I really want to see The King's Speech. It was only in OC for one week!