Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remodel update

Here is an update on the flooring project. Basically, it's still NOT DONE. Yes, at one point Lance jokingly said that competition date would not be until after my birthday. Which is March 7th. Please keep in mind this project was started the weekend of Thanksgiving. 2010. We're rounding on 75 days. I foolishly (I admit, I was stupid) thought Lance would be able to complete the entire project in the time period of 4 days. I was so confident of this that I invited 8 of our friends and their children over for supper at the end of the weekend. Big mistake. Another set of our gracious friends ended up hosting that dinner.

The majority of the flooring is done. The living room, hallway and kitchen are done. The stairs, however, are not done. They still have the nasty berber carpet and Lance has a finish strip that he needs to add to the doorways of all the bedrooms and the bathroom. I have this nasty gut feeling my baby might have seen his first Christmas before this project is completely wrapped up. Hopefully the pressure of returning a saw in a timely fashion that Lance is borrowing from a friend will help speed things up.

This is the type of nursery energy I'm channeling. I'm not really feeling the total cutesy baby theme. I'm thinking more bedroom, less nursery. I don't want the room to feel outgrown in a two years. I might be a fool, but I really want white wainscoting for the nursery. I might have to call in reinforcements in the form of family members and out of town friends. I think Lance has exhausted the goodwill of all our in-town friends :)

I've already purchased bedding and a crib. It's pretty cute. Stay tuned for more nursery updates in the coming months! And hopefully an announcement that the flooring is 100% done!

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