Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gracelyn: 6 Months

Six Months – half a year gone already! You are really just a chill little thing. Such a sweetie always watching and seeing what crazy things your brother is up to.

Sleeping. Is there such a thing as a six month sleep regression? Gracelyn your parents are tired, tired, tired. Please stop getting up two times at night. Please? Sleep is so tricky because you don’t nap very well at daycare and 4 out of 5 times you fall asleep in your car seat on the way home. I mean, I don’t blame you – one 50 minute nap wouldn’t cut it for me either. I feel so unaccustomed to this continual sleep deprivation because if you are getting up two times a night, each of us takes a turn. On the weekends you’ll take one good nap during the day, like around two hours. Sometimes I try for the mythical “both kids sleeping so mom gets a nap too.” Like I said, mythical. You seem to have an uncanny knack for knowing when I want to nap. For the most part, you don’t like being put down for naps or to bed at night. You wail and make me feel very, very tired and like I don’t know what I’m doing. But isn’t that being a parent – as feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing? We are half swaddling you. You get very upset if you don’t have your thumb to suck. Is thumb sucking hereditary?

Eating. We are still sending three, three ounce bottles to daycare. You cry quite profusely if your tummy is feeling empty. We started solid foods too, very gradually. Having you as a second child makes me realize there’s not a lot that your brother did that I can count on you doing too. Lu loved eating solids and I think that attributed to his better sleep habits. Gracie, you are so-so on food. I started off giving you avocado. You gave me a look like I was trying to poison you. Homemade applesauce was only marginally better. I proceeded to oatmeal which you promptly drooled out the side of your mouth. #notwinning.  I’ve been trying top you off at your dream feed with a bottle too in hopes of getting you to sleep at night. It’s not working.

Wearing. 3-6 month clothes but some 0-3 month leggings. You have short little legs girly. Similar to your momma. I’m still squeezing you into size 1 diapers. Only two more giant sleeves of size one diapers left. Opps. I sewed my first baby headband for you and made myself a matching scarf. Twinsies!

Milestones. Social: everyone says what a good baby you are. It’s true, unless you aren’t feeling well, you are a happy little baby. You had your first ear infection after battling a cold for weeks. People always tell me “oh ear infections are nothing. But it certainly is something when you have working parents who have to take vacation time to stay home with a sick kiddo. You have the best smiles, especially for brother.

Physical: you don’t appear to be any closer to rolling over. Okay… You love sucking your thumb; it is your main source of comfort. Up until this point you’ve slept primarily, at home, in your rock and play. We’re trying to get you to sleep happily in your crib, but it’s not easy. You have just the sweetest, fuzziest head. Lucan had twice the amount of hair you do at his age. Even for being petite you have adorable leg rolls. Language: bubbles. I’m not sure if it counts for language, but it’s your baby language. Your face is sometimes covered in spit. It’s pretty funny.

Height: 2 ft, 0.5 inches, 2nd percentile
Weight: 14 lb. 12 oz, 16th percentile
Head: 43 cm, 60th percentile

And finally, a poop update! At six months of age, you are starting to get on a better poop cycle. Like every two days! We did have to give you a suppository after we first started solids, but ever since then poop has been better. (I know everyone was dying to know!)

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