Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What’s in your wallet (or work bag)?

Answer: you probably don’t want to know. 

  • 2 magazines (Christmas Real Simple and trashy Glamour – I have another year left on the subscription I somehow keep receiving. I don’t know how)
  • 1 notebook outlining meal plans, hospital bag packing lists, parenting class notes and other misc crap
  • My 2014 planner containing more meal plans, to-dos, lists of baby names and partially completed Christmas lists
  • 1 package of Halloween fruit snacks. From two Halloweens ago. They are alarmingly soft, which concerns me.
  • 1 flower delivery note from Lance for birthday flowers
  • 1 pair of dirty gray socks belonging to me. I don’t know why I have socks in my bag or why I would have taken them off at work.
  • 1 iphone charger. Sadly, I was looking for my ipod charger when this post started.
  • 2 pairs of earbuds
  • 1 cow print balloon left over from dressing up like cows for free food at Chik-Fil-A (back in July)
  • 1 unopened package of basil seeds. I have no earthly idea where they came from and why they are in my bag.
  • Easter M&Ms. Yep.
  • 1 baggie of candy corn, peanuts and M&Ms
  • 7 M&Ms in a snack container
  • 6 sour gummy worms leftover from Lucan’s 2 year-old birthday party (note: Lu is almost 3.5 years-old. These are not alarmingly soft. But Lu found 4 sour gummy worms last weekend in a drawer and happily ate them - "yummy mom! A little chewy ...")
  • 1 chocolate chip cookie and 9 cashews
  • 1 canning ring
  • 1 fun size Twix
  • 1 plastic yellow straw

I think the moral of the story is that I need to clean out work bag more often. And throw away more candy. I had a male co-worker tell me once how odd the amount of crap women tote into work with them because in his exact words “everything they need to do their jobs is already at their desk!” In my case, he may have a point …

Yes, my first post in almost a month. I'll work on doing more meaningful content soon-ish. 


Rose said...

I thought this was very meaningful content! ;o) At least it made me feel better about the state of my purse which is basically a walking garbage can. :o(

*carrie* said...

Fascinating. It wouldn't have been as entertaining if there wasn't the odd items such as a canning jar ring thrown in!

Show the list of baby names! =)