Friday, June 6, 2014

Lucan's 3 Year Birthday Letter

Dearest Lucan,

I’ve been A mom and YOUR mom for three whole years now. That seems unfathomable. You astound and amaze me. You are smart, have an excellent memory and aptitude for direction (inherited from your daddy, not me), love routine and are perceptive. Sometimes we underestimate you and then you remind us of what you are capable of. You’ve inherited my elephant-like memory and have a knack for remembering uncanny details, like the names of the boys of two daycares gone by and the name of a little boy you’ve only met once. That’s better than your daddy, who doesn’t remember their names. 

I hope that someday you understand that while sometimes you exhaust me and try my patience, I have nothing but fierce momma love for you. I will always be your biggest cheerleader and there for you when you need a defender. Trust me; if there is something that I learned from my own dad, it’s how to be your child’s defender. I pray that someday you too will be a defender, being firm in your own beliefs and standing up for the downtrodden. The world could use a few more people with strong convictions and morals. 

You have your own ideas about right and wrong. Lu, hold onto those things. It mine and daddy’s job to teach the difference between the two, but it will be your job to cling to those things when you are older.  And just a head’s up: adults will be less willing to go to time out when you’re older.

Hold onto Jesus. Your parents we are full of holes and cracks and, I’m afraid to say, at some point we will let you down. But guess what? Jesus won’t let you down. Ever. 

This past year you’ve experienced what the death of a great grandmother feels like and I think to some extent you understand what death means. You understand there some owies can’t be healed with a Band-Aid and a kiss. You have a heart for people and a compassion for those who hurt. This will aid and hurt you in life. It is your choice on how you use this gift. 

These past three years have been a whirlwind of laughter and tears. Keep on little man. My littlest love, it is my privilege and honor to be your mom. Happy birthday dear one. 



*Photos courtesy of Katie Evans Photography


eanderso said...

Love the pix. Happy birthday, Lucan!

Andrea Cooley said...

It's so fun to get family pictures. These are great!