Friday, May 9, 2014

Lucan Laughter

Lucan Laughter
Me: Lucan we’re going to have our picture taken tonight.
Lucan: Oh. Can we wear clothes?
Me: Yes … we can wear clothes.
Lucan: Oh YAY!

The song “Let It Go” is playing on the radio from the “Frozen” soundtrack
Lucan: Mom! I lu-ve this song!
Me: Oh really?
Lucan: Yeah, we sing it all the time at James’ house. Let it go, let it go!
Note: Lu's never seen "Frozen" at James' house. He's actually only seen the movie once ...

Saturday morning, 6:10 AM, I hear Lucan’s door open and shut. Lucan comes into our room and stands at the foot of our bed and stares at us.
Me: Lucan, what are you doing?
Lucan: MOM! It’s wake up time! The sun is up!
Lance: stupid east facing bedroom. We’re switching bedrooms with him.
Lucan: Okay daddy.

Lucan and Lance after a trip to the park where it was 91 degrees outside
Lucan: Mom! I pooped at the park! It was SMELLY.
Lance: I took him to poop in a port-a-pot. It was horrible smelling. But then Lucan wanted to see his poop and tried to stick his head in the hole.
Me: (aghast) it’s bath time. Right NOW.

Lucan after pooping and getting ready to flush.
Lucan: It’s a brown one. Bye poop!

Lance and Lucan walking out the door for daycare and Lucan turns around and sticks his head back inside.
Lucan: Mom! I need one more cookie! Just one!
Me: okay, fine. (I had foolishly thought he had turned back so he could tell me that he loved me)

Lance and Lucan in the morning
Lance: bye hun! Have a good day!
Lucan (mimicking Lance): bye hun! Have a good day!

 And these are your laughs for today :)

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