Tuesday, April 1, 2014

31 Things in March

  1. Lincoln finding health and I quote his loquacious (good vocab word Jessie!) mommy “no detectable disease here!”
  2. Having five good friends with birthdays in March (Josh, Katie, Gina, Rachael and Nicole)
  3. Finally spring weather. Seriously thankful for that.
  4. After a 14 month search and A LOT of money spent on a search firm, finding the perfect fit for a new senior pastor for our church. I’m so excited about our future.
  5. There were nine little boys in church nursery one Sunday. And nary a girlie in sight. They’re going to have to fight each other for girls to date :)
  6. Trivia night at church. Our team, with three doctors, three masters’ degrees and two folks who are super smart with just their bachelors’ degrees, came in second place. By three stinkin’ points. There’s always next year.
  7. Scratch cupcakes for birthdays.
  8. National cereal day coinciding with my birthday this year.
  9. Target dates with friends.
  10. Birthday love in the form of cards, texts, phone calls and FB messages
  11. Reconnecting with a friend over frozen yogurt and crazy kiddos.
  12. Evening story time at the library. Lucan asks every other day if we can go to the library. If there’s one thing I do miss about working, it’s being able to take Lucan to more daytime outings.
  13. Paying off my grad school loans!! HOLLA! Now it’s time to pay off that study abroad semester in London.
  14. Seeing Lance’s Kansas relatives, even though it was for a sad occasion.
  15. Birthday coffee at Caribou.
  16. New Hunter rain boots. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them!
  17. Cheering on the ISU Men’s basketball team
  18. Beating Lance’s bracket.
  19. Park playtime
  20. Maxi skirts
  21. Potty training. We are close people. So close I can feel it.
  22. And in the same breath, I’m thankful for having a little boy who has zero reservations about peeing behind a tree.
  23. Walk-in clinics with evening hours. Lucan told us over supper one night that his “ear was angry” meaning it hurt. Lu doesn’t complain about his ears until they’re full-blown, full-on inflamed. We were able to go to a Doctor’s Now clinic and be seen immediately and get him started on meds.
  24. Lu’s favorite books from the library: “Daisy Gets Lost”, “A Ball for Daisy” and “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site.” As they are library books, I’m going to have to buy copies for our family because we read them every single day and Lu’s going to be devastated when they have to be returned.
  25. One year work anniversary for me
  26. Finishing the books: “Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald,” “Still Life with Breadcrumbs,” “The Aviator’s Wife,” and “The Rosie Project.”
  27. Haircuts for the boys.
  28. A fabulous new Pioneer Woman recipe – Thai Chicken Pizza!
  29. Having my parents visit for a weekend.
  30. Learning to love God for God and not his gifts (small group lesson).
  31. Lance’s cousin’s lost their baby son to a heart defect. While it ranks up there on saddest funerals I’ve ever been to, his beautiful cousin reminded me to love on Lu. Each day is a gift and we aren’t promised a certain number. It’s a hard reminder that God, in all of his goodness, still is sovereign.

One Thing I’m NOT Thankful For:
1. The return of daylight savings time. Sheesh. I’m not sure if it feels harder each year because I’m old or because of the toddler in the next room who stays up an hour past his bedtime sitting in his bed “reading.” As Lance likes to remind me, this is all the doing of my genes.

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Andrea Cooley said...

You're right, our lists are very similar! I LOVE your Hunter boots and have Still Life with Bread Crumbs on my list. Do you recommend it?