Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blessed by our friends.

Have I ever told you that I have I have amazing friends that bless us and help us out in daycare pinches?

These are the friends that have watched Lucan for us when we've either had daycare cancellations or other conflicts: Emily, Jessie, Sarah F, Leah, Nicole, Abby H, Katie, Bree and Kurt/Gina. All of these are kind people who let us infringe on their days and their schedules.
So this is a little tribute to those people who have helped us out!

Emily - I love that you call us your Des Moines family. You are kind-hearted, generous (you are always giving us your boys' castoffs which are fantastic) and considerate. Don't worry, we don't mind that your prayer requests are the same week after week :)

Jessie - we know how to share a laugh and turn a listening ear to the other person's personal/financial/daycare/working mom's/family's woes. You keep me in check. You are the fun mom who always has some fun, interactive activity for your kids. And I've run into you or your children at Target more frequently than any other person I know. That must say something about both of us.

Sarah F - you have a sweet disposition and a certain thoughtfulness that is not replicated in any other person I know. And you are always my first pick for Bible trivia. If you change your mind about wanting to homeschool other kiddos (ie: Lucan), he'll be at your doorstep the next day.

Leah - if anyone was a super mom, it is you. I know we all pick the areas that are important to us and where we are going to focus our energies on, but you seem to be excelling in quite a few areas. I have one of those "I don't know how she does it" mentalities about you. Case in point - your fruit pizza.

Nicole - congratulations on being the most well-spoken and intelligent person I know. Really. But in addition to being well-spoken, you are also unexpected. You like Jay-Z. And prefer to drive in manual. And love clay-mation (which kind of freaks me out). Yes, Nicole you are unorthodox but that's what makes you Nicole.

Abby - you have a sly sense of humor that I appreciate. I don't actually see you much, but you are a fun gal. Despite your 9:30 bedtime :) And even though your kiddos are older than Lu, you'll say yes to watching Lu (even when it disrupts your life) because you know life is hard without family in town.

Katie - you are a big-hearted (and big-haired, which I will forever be jealous of!) gal who is always on the go. You are talented and have the gift for making everyone feel loved. There's something to be said for the girl who makes everyone always feels like they are a friend. (sorry about the x on your face Jon, but you aren't part of this post)

Bree - you make me feel normal. Like a normal mom living with normal life among a herd of boys. You are considerate of other people and their feelings. There's something to be said about people who think before they speak. I need more of this!

Kurt/Gina - Lucan loves you both so much. He loves Gina especially (the other day at lunch we were praying for our friends and Lu had us pray for Gina twice. And he calls Kurt "Kurtin" - I think it comes from referring to you guys as Kurt-and-Gina. Lucan is always much happier when we give one of you a ride to small group). You both are some of the most genuine people I know.

Thank you friends for watching our son when we've been desperate. You don't know how much you have helped us!

*all pictures were taken off of facebook. If you don't like them, well you probably shouldn't have had them on FB to begin with! 

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