Friday, February 28, 2014

28 Things in February

  1. I was reflecting the other night about this exact time one year ago. One year ago, on my way to cooking club, I got an emergency call from my friend Jessie to come and watch her other two kids while she brought Lincoln to the ER. I’m thankful for how far Lincoln has come in this one year.
  2. My in-laws. They graciously watched Lucan for a week while we were in between daycares.
  3. Gainful employment.
  4. Rice crispy bars. You can eat them for breakfast – right? Cereal, marshmallows … lucky charms?
  5. God’s provision in a readily available daycare center. We had to make a hurried decision to end our previous daycare and God provided a solution basically on our doorstep.
  6. Olympics. It’s such a special time and creates such a feeling of unity within the USA.
  7. Scratch cupcakes. I bought some for Lance for Valentine’s Day. Let’s not talk about the fact that most of the flavors were ones I liked.
  8. Flying Mango. I just love that place.
  9. I love living in a place that has all four seasons. That being said, I think I’ve had my snow fill for the year.
  10. Dove chocolates. Lucan keeps eating all of mine.
  11. We tried to do a no-spend February, but about 6 days into it I decided that it was stupid. So I’m thankful for our budget. Kind of.
  12. The chance to make a few extra dollars doing an in-store demo for Axe Peace (man, I smelled like a teenage boy going to a school dance) and some display audits at local grocery stores.
  13. Story time at the library
  14. Facetiming with my parents. Lucan licked the ipad.
  15. Vacation days.
  16. Aveda stress-fix lavender lotion. It smells divine.
  17. Mushrooms. Lance and I love extra mushrooms in many things. But not Asian food.
  18. “Healthy” banana bread made with whole wheat flour, flax and very little sugar. I like my un-healthy version better, but Lucan happily eats the “healthy” version.
  19. Having a favorite clerk at our local grocery store.
  20. Downton Abbey! I’m sad now that it’s over for another 10 months. Actually, devastated is more like it.
  21. Being asked to guest post here.
  22. Handy husband – fixed the turn signal on our SUV and installed Lu’s bedrail without instructions.
  23. Transitioning Lucan out of his crib. Right now we’ve just removed one of the side’s on his crib and put up a partial bedrail. But the transition has gone well. Lucan has his faults; but he’s always stayed in bed and slept well.
  24. Discounted produce!
  25. Being able to pick Lucan up early enough from daycare to watch Curious George together. Silly monkey!
  26. Lucan has regained some of his normal eating habits. There was a time after he got back from his grandparents that he wanted to eat nothing I made. But we’re regaining normalcy. I would go nuts if Lucan consistently boycotted what I made for supper.
  27. Blessing an expecting mom at cooking club with a basket of baby stuff
  28. A month of being relatively sickness free! 

We went on one snowy Saturday to Clifford Story Time at the library. After being super excited about going, this was as close as Lucan wanted to get to Clifford. Look at the way Lucan is rebuffing a hug from Clifford.

But Lucan was not afraid of Peeta. He ran up to the cutout and said "Take my picture mommy!" #teamPeeta
Both Lance and Lucan are big fans of Katniss. Weirdos.

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