Thursday, January 10, 2013

Success or Fail? A reflection of 2012's New Years Resolutions

Last year my four resolutions were as follows:

1. Learn how to make a Korean food dish.

2. Incorporate more vegetables into our diets.
3. Pay down 1/3 of my student debt.
4. Be content, but be fearless.

  • I still didn't cook a Korean food dish. That stupid resolution is the death of me and will be my ongoing list of resolutions (three years running). Sigh. Does anyone know how to make Korean food that could help a girl out with completing her resolutions?
  • I suppose my vegetable resolution is still a part of my ongoing list. Crap. Every time I vow to eat more vegetables I come home with bok choy. Does anyone else have that problem? No ... I suppose that's a Kara-specific quirk.
  • I am happy to report that we will soon be able to pay off all of my graduate loans. We're pausing on writing that check until I go back to work that way there is knowledge that there will be a regular income flow.
  • Be content, but be fearless. It's funny how God uses life circumstances to teach you about yourself. Last year when I wrote that resolution I had a predictable, full-time job. It wasn't a job that made me particularly happy, but it paid the bills and didn't leave me feeling bad at the end of the day. I think my thought process at that time was that I wanted to learn how to be happy with my job even if it wasn't the most glamorous of jobs. I also knew that we were planning on doing away with some major things in our life in order to save money and I was worried about that too. Well, look at where I'm at in 2013. Mid-spring I took a new job that I thought was going to make me happier or more "content." Instead I found myself a couple of months later jobless. I spent the rest of the year learning how to find contentedness. Fearlessness seemed to be out of the question. But as I sit here now, I realize that God granted me the opportunity to stay at home with Lucan, something that I would have never done voluntarily. While it certainly wasn't the situation I asked for, I do think that I found some fearlessness in 2012. Does this mean I can check off Resolution #4? :)1
For 2013 I'm not setting any new resolutions. I'm pretty sure that I still have plenty to work on from 2012!

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