Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December in pictures

We visited three different santas this December. (I know, Lance thought it was excessive too. But I forgot my camera at the first one, so we had to go to a second one. The third santa was entirely unplanned.)
You might think by this picture that Lucan was one of those great kids who love sitting on Santa's lap. Ha! The second picture is more like reality.
Yeah, Lucan got sat on Santa's lamp and promptly wanted his daddy back. At 18 months, Lucan still isn't a fan of Santa.
We went to this awesome Christmas celebration back in Lance's hometown. Lu got a treat bag, a coloring book and a really nice teddy bear. And Lance won $20! Holla back young-uns.

By looking at this picture, you might think that Lucan is peeping at his presents. The reality is, Lucan is kitty-hunting. I left a small opening among the presents for Fire to enter and exit underneath the Christmas tree.

I thought last year was challenging trying to get Lucan to sit patiently in front of the Christmas tree. Little did I know that it would be ten times more difficult this year? Why didn't you all warn me?

Silly little boy running around Grandma K's house.

This was a game of "putting on grandpa's giant hat" that I captured on film.  

Even with Lucan's enormous head, grandpa's hat still is too big for a baby noggin.

But it made Lu laugh in delight.

Sadly, farmer daddy had to go back outside to continue chores.

Fortunately Lucan enjoys playing on his grandma's baby piano. I have to hide the piano stool because Lucan uses it as a step stool and turns all the lights on and off again.

This year Lu had a bit of help opening his presents. If Lance got him started on ripping the wrapping paper, Lucan could do it. I'm sure next year will be a big year for present unwrapping.

Andrea, on the other hand, is a pro at unwrapping presents. My guess is that she'd enthusiastically unwrap everyone's gifts if they let her.

Andrea and her fabulous purple hat :)

Andrea (5 years-old), Lu (18 months) and Wyatt (2 years-old).
I tried to convince all the little kids to sit nicely in front of the Christmas tree and have their picture taken. This is what I got instead :)

Lucan hamming it up at Jessie's house.
Jessie wanted to have an educational snack time so she put together snowman made out of bananas, carrots, grapes and apple straws. I don't think that Lucan properly appreciated his educational snack. The saddest thing that January has ushered in is the end of Jessie's maternity leave. No more easy Thursday play dates at Jessie's house. Obviously I need to either find a job or more friends. I'm not sure that either sound particularly easy.

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