Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October in pictures

October was an expensive month for things. Meaning, Lucan's nimble little baby fingers were too fast for his own good. Things Lu broke this month: nightlight (into two pieces), ipod (who knew tiny droplets of water would be so lethal), my skunk salt shaker, ceramic measuring spoon and his floor fan. Things that I broke: passenger side mirror on the Traverse and our GPS. I don't think that the GPS was really my fault. It just failed to power up when I was in the middle of Altoona. The passenger side mirror was completely my fault.

Anyway, I'm not bitter. Well, not too bitter. Moving on.

This is Lucan in his scarecrow costume at my parents' house. The white blur you see on the left side of the picture is their kitty, Annie. Annie and Lu are the best of buds. They really enjoy playing with each other. Lucan chases after Annie and Annie thinks it's great fun. Annie gently gnaws on Lu's fingers and Lu thinks it's hilarious. After a weekend with Annie, Lu finds Fire to be quite the bore. If Lu shrieks loudly, Fire just runs and hides where Annie takes it as here cue to be even crazier.

We went with the Des Moines Mom's group to Center Grove Orchard. The morning we went there was quite unusual weather wise for October. Warm enough for shorts and just humid enough to feel like springtime. On the flip side, it was quite muddy by all of the animals so Lu's shoes quickly got caked with mud. Lu and I had fun, but I think that he'll enjoy it more next year when he can not be afraid of the corn pool and can go down the big slide. I also will have to pay attention to the weather and pick a dryer day.

Ah, a family picture at Lance's youngest brother, Andrew's, wedding. The whole day was kind of a fiasco with very limited napping and a lot of me saying "no, Lucan, no." Of course he wanted to get into everything and always be with his dad. That was tricky as Lance was in the wedding and had best man duties and such. Needless to say, I'm hoping that the next wedding Lance and I are in, Lu will be old enough to not be so crazy.

Here are two pictures of our little cousin, Easton, completely passed out on Lance's uncle Raymond. Easton is just a month older than Lucan and had troubles too keeping out of everything. The only nap poor Easton caught was during the ceremony. 

 Easton loves his grandpa!

Our niece, Andrea, was the flower girl. She did very well and stood through the ceremony without issue. Doesn't she look so pretty and patient?

Lucan didn't want his picture taken with his Grandma K. Lucan didn't want his picture taken period. I dread seeing how the family pictures turned out.

Lucan loves any meal that involves beans. This night I made taco soup. Doesn't Lance look uber-enthused about being in the picture?

Lance legitimately thought this outfit looked good on Lu. Orange striped onesie totally goes with crazy madras pants that have no orange in them, right? Never mind the fact that I'm letting Lucan go down the stairs unassisted. We both know that I'm the better of the two parents :)

Speaking of good parenting, I'm not letting Lucan use the cube cooler as a step stool so he can flip the lights on and off and throw things over the gate and down the stairs ....

Crazy baby. This is his ferocious face.

And Lucan standing in a pile of clean, unfolded laundry. Totally safe.

Lu has decided that the baby swing is much more comfortable as a 17 month old. I'm not sure the swing has a capacity to hold 25 pounds, truth be told. I think Lu just wants his own seating that fits his body.

Go Iowa State! We all had our ISU gear on, so a picture of course was in order. We have to celebrate our victories when we can get them!

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