Friday, May 4, 2012

Number of days without injury: 0

I'm beginning to feel like one of those signs they hang at factories showing how long it's been since someone got hurt. Except my count is number of months we've went without having to take Lucan out of daycare. Which is ZERO. The last two months its been ear infections and colds and May is ushering in Hand/Foot/Mouth disease! Yay! We just want our little guy to be healthy. His poor immune system has been through the ringer in the past couple of months.
So rather than leave you with uber disturbing google image searches of hand/foot/mouth, I will post two super cute pictures of Lucan and one of Lance and I two years ago in Oregon. I do not suggest googling hand/foot/mouth disease images while eating. Poor choice Kara, poor choice.

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