Monday, May 7, 2012

Lucan: 11 months

Like I said previously, Lucan has hand/foot/mouth disease. It sucks. I just wanted my poor little boy to go a whole month of being perfectly healthy. Maybe next month. We've had a bad run of it though. For Easter, Lucan was really sick with a double ear infection so we didn't go back to our parents' houses. This past weekend we were supposed to go back for our cousin's first birthday party. But Lucan is contagious, so we stayed put in central Iowa. Maybe we'll be able to go back for our niece's birthday! Really though, the timing of Lucan to get a massively contagious disease couldn't be better. My regular daycare is on vacation this week, so my parents are here filling in. They get to put up with my infectious child :)
  • I love that Lucan waves. Yesterday morning we were watching The Today Show and they panned the audience out in Rockefeller Center. Of course there were people waving to the cameras so Lucan waved back. It was precious. But he's really good at it and will wave to people he loves.
  • In the past couple of days, Lucan has really started pulling himself up and standing. Now I fear that our EXPENSIVE tv stands in peril of being pulled down on top of himself. 
  • He really needs to work on his stealth mode. When he's frantically trying to catch Fire, Lucan is quite noisy with his crawling. And shrieking :) Lucan is a pet lover.  
  • Lucan has FINALLY gotten the hang of feeding himself. At least puffs. I praise and praise him and he just smiles and smiles. He knows that he's doing something pretty cool.
  • When Lucan gets excited, he swings his feet wildly. Happy feet!
  • I'm still making all of Lucan's food. His newest combo is a blueberry/peach/strawberry fruit combo. I mix about 2 ounces of fruit with some vanilla yogurt.
  • We've been giving Lucan probiotics daily. It really helps his digestive tract.
  • OMG. Lucan figured out how to open the fridge. Do they make fridge stoppers for babies?
  • When Lance brought Lu in to get checked out for hand/foot/mouth, the pediatrician said that Lucan will be getting his 12 month molars in any day. More teeth ... Yay. We are sitting at 6 presently - 4 on top and 2 on bottom.
  • Lucan really enjoys knocking over towers. Anything higher than 3 blocks, needs to be toppled.  All boy, this one.
  • When we go out for walks, Lucan likes to put his feet up on the stroller. It's like he's kicking back and relaxing.
  • Shredding. Everything paper related needs to be ripped into tiny pieces. Yay for mommy.
  • Still having slight problems with separation anxiety. For the most part, I can walk out of a room and leave Lucan on his own. But he has his flip out moments where his parents are the most precious people in the entire world. On well, I suppose that's not a bad thing :)
All smiles at 11 months.
Hi! Are we done yet?

Heck yes, I love Des Moines! (This one is for you Rae Rae!)

Roaw! I'm the Easter bunny!

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