Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lucan: 4 Months Old

My baby boy is 4 months old. It breaks my heart just a little bit. It also surprises me how much I still don't know, but yet how much more comfortable I get with being a mom with each passing day. It's a good thing that Lucan doesn't realize his parents have no idea what they are doing.

Lucan continues to be a healthy, growing baby. He weighs over 16 pounds and is close to doubling his birth weight.

  • We moved into size 2 diapers as the 1 1/2 were starting to make Lucan look like a sumo wrestler.

  • I think we're at the tail end of his 3-6 month clothing already. A little ridiculous. We have all of these long sleeved sleepers he's never worn because it's so hot outside and our daycare provider keeps her house on the warm side (side note: can I dictate what temperature she keeps her house at or make her get a flu shot? I kind of want to. I have to reign myself in sometimes)

  • His hair in the front is growing in thicker. Lucan kind of looks like he has old man hair with some strange comb-over thing going on. It's getting long on the sides and the top of his hair sticks straight up. My mom says that my hair always stood straight up too :) Must be an Asian thing.

  • Lucan made his longest road trip to date: a weekend trip to Minneapolis and a stay in a hotel! He did fantastic, despite getting really irritated about being in his carseat for so long. He went shopping with me and my mom, but Lance is convinced that Lucan needs to start his training as a Twins fan early on and should go to the game with the boys next year. We'll see. I can't see how a 14 month old is going to have a great time at a baseball game, but maybe that's just me ...

  • Because we could never convince him to take a pacifier, it appears that Lucan is substituting his fingers as an object to suck on. I used my thumb, so maybe this is a hereditary thing.

  • Lucan has become incredibly drooley. Drooley enough for me to put a bib on him during the day just so he doesn't get a wet spot under his chin and on his clothes.

  • We introduced Lucan to his first lovely, Gerry the Giraffe. Lucan really enjoys drooling on him.

  • Bath time continues to be fun time! Meaning, I get soaked. Lance is always concerned that all the water Lucan splashes out of his bathtub is going to warp the wood flooring.

  • I've become the queen of booger patrol. Me and the nasal aspirator, we're BFFs. Of course this also means that Lucan doesn't want to be my BFF when he sees me pull out the snot sucker. I'm not sure if my baby is just extra special or what, but his nose always seems to be clogged up.

  • Lance put Lucan in nursery at church for the first time last Sunday. He put him in there against my will. We thought we had given pretty clear instructions to page us once he woke up so we could feed him, but I guess there was some miscommunication because I went back after Sunday school, Lucan was just hanging out with the old ladies. It ended up being kind of bad because by the time he got fed, he was bordering on starving and crabbiness.

  • Lucan has really good neck control, but doesn't appear to have any interest in rolling over. Lance tries to encourage rolling, but Lucan just gets stuck on his side. And then he gets tired, so he just lays on his side awkwardly. It's actually really funny.

  • Up until recently, we had been doing Lucan's feedings at 6AM - 9AM - noon - 3:30PM - 6PM - 10:15PM. We're in the process of trying to drop Lucan's last feeding of the day and it's been a little rough. We are trying to move his feeding schedule to 6AM - 9:30AM - 1PM - 4PM - 7:30PM. So far, Lucan gets unbelievably cranky after I pick him up at 5PM and won't go down for a nap. Once he reaches the point of no beyond, he has a hard time settling into nursing and eating without wanting to cry in between gulps. We're at a loss as to how best manage his feedings. I do know this - 12 hours appears to be too long in between feedings for him. This morning L was up at 5 am. Yippie. If anyone has any suggestions, send them my way!

  • Here's a funny story: we were out to eat and I took Lucan into the restroom to change his diaper. A complete stranger commented about how adorable my daughter was and offered to hold her while I used the toilet. Okay, so 1) Lucan was wearing blue - head-to-toe. 2) What kind of mom lets a complete stranger hold their baby while they go to the bathroom? Well meaning woman, but completely wrong. On so many different levels.

  • All in all, Lucan is a lovely baby and a blessing. Despite his post-work crabbiness, he's easy-going and mellow. He must get that from Lance. We can't go anywhere without someone telling us how cute he is. I would start to think the world is filled with liars, but it's true. Lucan is adorable. Just ask complete strangers.

Without futher ado, Lucan's 4 month pictures.

He's getting more rolly-polly, chubbier chipmunk cheeks, longer, and crazier hair.

The only smile we got the entire time.

Here's an idea of the great lengths Lance goes to try and elicit a smile.


"I'm falling!"

"I'm flying through the air ..."

"Oh, Dad caught me. Thank goodness."

"Ugh ... I feel a little sick now. The room is spinning. I'm falllingg over..."


*carrie* said...


I love hearing you say that you're feeling more comfortable with being a mom. Every stage has its challenges, and we certainly learn a lot along the way!

Rose said...

He is getting so big!

My mom always offers to hold people's babies while they are in the bathroom. I think she is crazy!