Saturday, December 18, 2010


At various times of the year and after reading different blogs and books, I think about how convenient and head-clearing it would be to be a minimalist. Just think, a simple, small home with a cozy reading nook, one small closet filled with mix and match clothing, a few pairs of choice shoes and a few well-loved books. I could almost be Parisian with that mindset :) However, I'm an American consumer who loves her freedom of choice and living by a Target within a 10 minute drive. Even when I was a college student and had to squeeze my life into a 12x12 cell, I struggled to pare down my existence. But it's always at Christmas when I'm up to my ears in Christmas cards, wrapping gifts, and baking that I think "maybe minimalistic is the way to go." And then I shake my head no and proceed to spend a vacation day being attacked by other shoppers at the mall, my evenings trapped in the kitchen with my rolling pin and a lunch break standing in line to purchase $50 worth of stamps for my Christmas cards. Nope, maybe next year I'll tell our families no to Christmas and yes to a minimalist Christmas we'll all just go on a vacation to Aruba and celebrate the birth of baby Jesus in the sunshine :)

Who's with me?

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*carrie* said...

I remember helping you move in and carrying up a bin full of just NAIL POLISH! =)

I would say I fall in the middle. I was feeling overwhelmed about a week ago, though, and decided that my homemade candy cane project could wait a year!